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September 30, 2017

Nick Price

Steve Stricker

Jersey City, New Jersey

CHRIS REIMER: We're going to take two or three questions, as the guys want to get back out and see their teams. Go straight to questions.

Q. I noticed you split up Grace and Oosthuizen. Is the idea to get some of the other guys going by pairing them with a player who is obviously playing well?
NICK PRICE: Yeah. Well, they are both playing well, but they play better in foursomes than they do in best-ball. So we split them up this afternoon. Same with Jason and Leish. So we thought if we flipped those two, we'll see how that goes.

Q. Clearly things so far are not going as you would have liked; how hard is it to keep your spirits up in the current situation?
NICK PRICE: Very hard. It's very hard. These guys are trying. It doesn't look like we are trying but we are trying very hard. The guys obviously are a little down, but like I said yesterday, there's still a long way to go but it's tough. The momentum is swung against us. You know, yesterday, and then again today, losing the first two matches. Would have been great if we could have posted a point with one of the first two matches, but you know, we've just got to keep plugging along. We're not going to lay down. These guys are great competitors and we're not laying down.

Q. Obviously this has been a competition that the American Team has dominated over the years. You're running away with it at this point. What would it mean for the future of this competition if this becomes a very one-sided result?
STEVE STRICKER: The competition, I'm sure, will go on. Just you know, I don't think anything like that's going to change. It's still a great competition. You know, The Ryder Cup at one point was that way, and look what it is today.

You know, the Internationals have a good team. I know some of the guys are not feeling the best. It was a tough end of the year for some of them on their side. It's a long stretch at the end. A lot of the guys are tired. Not making excuses for anybody, but it is what it is.

Team USA is playing really well and they have all year, and they came into this event riding a lot of momentum, a lot of confidence, and they really get excited to play these team events and it's showing. They love being together and competing, and that's what we're saying.

Every day, Nick's team has gotten off to some good starts, and things didn't look very good this morning, but then all of a sudden these guys seemed to dig a little bit deeper and fight back, and so it tells you how much it means to them and how much it means to all of our team to play well and continue to do what we're doing.

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