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September 30, 2017

Rickie Fowler

Justin Thomas

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. Looks like you guys are having just a ball outside of the Big Apple.
RICKIE FOWLER: We're having a great time. We probably wish we would have played a little bit better today but we worked well out there kind of fighting, scratch willing our way to make some good pars. Today it wasn't playing easy, alternate-shot out here some, tough pins and up against two tough opponents.

So we did our job, and man, it would have been nice to get a couple go in. But nice that J.T. was able to save me on the last and get our halve.

Q. You guys have the big lead after Friday. What was the message from Captain Stricker in the team room to you guys?
JUSTIN THOMAS: We're just trying to win every session. We know that if we win every session every day, then that's going to be good enough to get it done.

I know it's easy to kind of get complacent and think about what could happen in the future but it's the same thing that all of us deal with when we're trying to win a golf tournament. You can't think about the future. You have to think about what you're doing now. That's what I feel like we especially did a really good job of.

Rick helped me through the last six holes or so, and that's why I love him as a teammate and I will for a long time.

Q. Great match, half a point each, but do I get the feeling, you went, I want to do what everyone else did today, but are you happy with half a point?
RICKIE FOWLER: We were down early and didn't get off to a great start. Gracey and Louis got off to a nice start there birdieing the first two. We did a really good job, J.T. and I, fighting and clawing our way, getting the most out of a few of the holes out there to either stay in it or possibly win a couple of holes.

We had to kind of fight our way into the last few holes, a couple good up-and-downs. J.T. made a couple good putts out there. Yeah, it was a hard-fought match on both sides.

Q. How easy is it in a team event like this, Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup, to be at the back end of the field and watch what's going on in front in your favor?
RICKIE FOWLER: When it's in your favor, it's great. It's very motivating. It's cool to see your boys out there getting the job done. It pushes you on, if you're down, to at least push those boys as far as you can take them and at least show the other guys you're doing your job out there.

With us being down early, we just did a good job of staying in and fighting. Yeah, a half-point's not great but it sure is a lot better than giving them the full point.

Q. Are you going to ease up or go out there and just give it to them once more?
RICKIE FOWLER: I don't think there's any ease-up or give-up on the team. I would say that on both sides. No one is going to let up in any way. It's going to be a fun afternoon to watch best-ball, and looking forward to singles tomorrow. Hopefully we can show New York some good golf.

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