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September 30, 2017

Jason Day

Louis Oosthuizen

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. You had your chance. It was just at the end they started throwing birdies at you at a pivotal stage of this match.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: You know, we were 1-up, and they were three birds in a row. It's not easy out there now. It's tough out here, we played decent. They were just a little better.

Q. Fair to say that sometimes this game of ours we love can be so cruel and just doesn't love us back.
JASON DAY: I can see that. It can be tough sometimes. You know, what these guys are playing great golf. We're not playing as good as those guys but we are giving ourselves opportunities coming home. We're just not capitalizing on them. That's been pretty much the whole week.

If we can hole putts like these guys are doing, makes things a lot easier. But having a ten-point lead makes things a lot easier and takes off a lot of pressure.

To be coming into the fourth session, it's tough, because we're sitting there going, we're trying to grind it out. We're fighting not only these guys who are the best players in the world but we're fighting the crowds. It's tough. These guys have got some good momentum going their way. Put all that together, it makes it a very, very difficult task to try to beat these guys.

Q. What happened with the the ruling on 12.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I had no idea that there was a rule like that. Unfortunately, you know, he's there -- a rules breach -- we didn't want to halve it. We wanted Jordan to putt and we offered the 13th hole to them, to walk to 14, and Jordan said, no, that's the rule, and that's how it is and don't worry about it.

You know, that is the rules but again, silly rule.

Q. You guys are top-notch players, both major champions. You have to get up for it. Are you ready for it?
JASON DAY: I think so. It's just been a long day. It was a 5:00 ferry this morning; so we were up at 4:30. We played practically, nearly 36 holes, in the cold and the wind. Yeah, we have to somehow get up -- we have to get up for it any ways. We can't just pack our bags and go. We have to come out and play for a participation trophy tomorrow.

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I think the guys will still want to have a good round and have a good match. I think even if we just do a proper session tomorrow and we get some good points on the board, that will help the spirit a little bit.

Q. How would you describe this match?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: That was a proper match. Patrick had an unbelievable shot on 16 and Jordan's putter was working again, like always. It was tough to be against all of that at the end.

Q. On the 12th hole, from your perspective, how would you describe it?
JASON DAY: I mean, this is what's wrong with rules sometimes in golf. He stops it because -- they already concede the birdie to me. Louis putts it and he's just going to stop it because it's going to roll down, maybe in the water. So he's just doing the courtesy thing.

To come over -- obviously I understand that Andy is trying to do his job and we've got to live by the rules out here in golf. It's just unfortunate. We wanted him to putt. That's just -- no one wants to win a hole like that. It's kind of a stupid rule. I wish he could putt because we don't want that. If we end up winning, that could somehow hinder, but obviously you look at the scores, they have got a ten-point lead, it doesn't matter.

Saying that, it's just kind of a silly rule and that's why I think golf rules should be simplified a lot more.

Q. Was it awkward or uncomfortable on the green?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: It was because --

JASON DAY: Well, everyone is arguing to the point where, no, we want him to putt. We want him to putt.

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I always thought your opponents in match play, you putt and that's the final thing but apparently it's not.

JASON DAY: Once again, Andy, he's a top guy. He got a loot of Boos from the crowd but he's just enforcing the rules, and sometimes that's just what it is. But once again, I mean, it's -- it was a lose/lose situation for us because we wanted him to putt.

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