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September 30, 2017

Anirban Lahiri

Si Woo Kim

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. Talk about that match. You made some great shots coming in.
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: It was one of those days, you just had to keep fighting. All day I think the Americans played great.

Si-Woo pretty much carried me through ten, 12 holes. He played fantastic. He didn't miss a shot, even when I was out of play, he put it in play and he made some big putts. I think we combined really well today.

Q. The putter really caught fire. You were walking putts in as soon as you hit them today.
SI-WOO KIM: I'm trying every shot today, aggressive. I missed and sometimes Anirban save, or Anirban hit it good and I missed. We are both sharing. It's good.

Q. It was so classy to see you do the thumb's-up after the chip-in and you stroked that 19 footer right in the heart. How are you feeling there?
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: That's what golf is about. That's what we're here for. I think it's the spirit of the game. I think that's the right thing to do.

Obviously we are trying to beat each other, but they reciprocated on the last hole, to give me that putt. That's the spirit of sportsmanship and that's the spirit in which this event needs to be played.

SI-WOO KIM: I'm really excited, my first Presidents Cup winning point, and playing with Charley and Kevin today, they play always good. My partner, Anirban, he's really good, too. We were good.

Q. What's it like to get a point, and what a debut with The Presidents Cup.
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: It's been a tough week for us. The Americans have really played well, and they have stepped it up every time. So it was nice to step up to the mate and make a few putts of our own.

So it's nice to get another point on the board.

Q. So tomorrow, just go out and win them all.
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: We have to go out and be positive. The more points we make tomorrow, the better for us. We have to go out there and do more of this. Just hole putts and hole shots, which the Americans have done more this week.

Q. That was a real point of pride not only for you but for your team to get the point today. What did this mean to you?
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: As hard as this week has been, as well as the Americans have played, we haven't had enough blue on the board. We wanted to try our heart out and try to bring a point home, and we are happy we managed to do that in the end.

Q. Getting down in the water hazard and rolling up your pant legs, was that as much for your country as your partner?
SI-WOO KIM: We are playing great every hole. I'm trying to help every hole to Anirban, and everything, hit it good. Very good partner.

Q. What's your mind-set going into tomorrow?
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: I think we all have to go out and have fun and soak in the pressure and try to enjoy ourselves. Easier said than done. It's difficult when you're not as competitive as you want to be.

I think that's what we're going to do, just go out there, have fun, play for Nick, play for our pride and get as many points as we can.

What the Americans did was fantastic. There has not been as much sportsmanship as there should be up until those last two holes, so I think that should kind of demonstrate to everyone here how we really should play the game, with the right kind of spirit.

Q. Did you know that based on your match, that as a result, going into tomorrow --
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: Yes, yes. It's been such a hard week. The Americans have played so well. You know, we are all trying our best. Let's not take any credit away from them. They are a well-oiled machine.

But sometimes, everything is stacked against you. Obviously it's tough, but you know, we are here trying our best. Sometimes you fall short.

Q. Can you talk about the two putts on 16 and 17?
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: Well, you know, we were sitting in the team room this morning when I came out, and we've been watching the Americans do it all week. You know, as soon as they make the turn to come up 14 towards the clubhouse, they just make everything. They make it happen. If you look at how they have played the back nine, that's where they really outplayed us.

We were saying, some of us have to go out and try to do the same thing, because that's the only way we are going to win a point. You saw how Charley holed out; that's kind of what the Americans have displayed this week. To answer back in a similar form it gives me a lot of satisfaction, and you know, hopefully the rest of us, and myself included, can come out and do the same tomorrow.

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