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August 16, 2004

Paradorn Srichaphan


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Obviously, extremely disappointing. Can you just put that into words?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Yeah, you know, out in the first round is always disappointed. But it's very difficult to play today. But my opponent, he is playing better in the same situation. So he's deserve to win.

Q. Just going back a couple of days, though, the high point when you walked out carrying the flag for Thailand. Can you tell us about that feeling, that experience.

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Well, is the most exciting experience for me, for the first time joining the ceremony and holding the country, the Thai flags on the stadium, which is very exciting, you know. One in your lifetime, you know, I'm really glad that I have that opportunity to doing that.

Q. Were you surprised or taken aback when you were asked to carry the flag?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Yeah, of course. They asking me to holding flags for the opening ceremony. And then I said, "Yeah, why not? I mean, I would love to." Because, like I said, one in your lifetime to be professional athlete and, you know, holding your country flags is one of the best opportunity in your life.

Q. Obviously you have met some of the best servers on the tour. Where would you rate Joachim Johansson on that scale?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Well, how old is he, 20?

Q. 20.

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Well, he's really the upcoming player, and he got a big game. He already won one ATP tournaments in Memphis. So, yeah, as I saw the draw the first day, I know it's going to be tough. Plus today is really difficult to play. I think is have a good chance for this tournament to go far. But I would say his future is really far.

Q. How would you rate your performance today? What marks would you give yourself out of a 10?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Today my performance is really low. And I don't think I can win the match, any matches, with this performance, of course. But, well, for the last five days, I have good practice, I, you know, confidence to play a match. But today is different story because, you know, to walk on court with the different situation. So but, you know, just leave it behind and look forward to playing next tournaments.

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