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September 30, 2017

Shane Lowry

Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Q. Shane, thoughts on that?
SHANE LOWRY: I played quite nicely. I feel like I'm hitting the ball well. Scored nicely. Give myself coming into tomorrow which is the main thing.

Q. Nice shot on 18. Tell us about that.
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, it was one of the best shots I've hit all week. I was in between 5 and 6 and really felt like I could just squeeze a 6-iron there. I hit it great and came just straight at the flag, which was nice. I was trying to hit it a little bit left but put it on to the flag a bit. Unfortunately I didn't knock in the putt.

But I'm in a good position going into tomorrow and I was in a good position going into Sunday last week. I just need to keep doing this and eventually I'll pop up somewhere and maybe get a win.

Q. Two shots off the lead currently. What's your feelings going into tomorrow?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, just see what the leaders are going to do. This course is there. You know, when we come to a new course, it takes a little while getting to know it. I see David Lingmerth shooting 62 today; it's definitely there for the taking if you're playing well. It will jump up and bite you if you hit bad shots, but if you're playing well, it's there for the taking.

I'll play the front nine as I've been doing all the week and see where I am going into the back nine. If I need to be more aggressive, I'll be more aggressive and see where that leaves me.

I'm not sure what the forecast is, but it's been nice all week. We've been quite lucky. I mean, when you're coming up to the north of England in end of September, you're not really expecting too much with the weather. It's been quite nice so far, and we've been lucky. Close House is a lovely place and it's a really nice place to come and play golf. It's been a lovely venue. I'm with my wife and my little baby, and we've really enjoyed it. It's been good.

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