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September 29, 2017

Cheryl Reeve

Los Angeles, California

Sparks - 75, Lynx - 64

CHERYL REEVE: I'll go right to questions.

Q. You talked about some things that had to happen before the game. Not a lot of that stuff happened in terms of not getting deflected passes and getting good shots. What did you see at the start?
CHERYL REEVE: Exactly as you said. A more active LA team, an anemic offense that was not prepared for how hard the game was going to be. Our starters didn't compete in the way that we had hoped that we would start the game. LA set the tone on those guys, and we just couldn't get responses from them.

Q. You had three of your starters not score at all in the first half, and two of them not score in the whole game, and yet you were within one point midway through the fourth quarter. Do you take heart in that?
CHERYL REEVE: Well, it depends on what you choose to focus on. It's hard to win WNBA finals game without your star players. In this series we've seen the team that has the starters that outplay the other starters wins the game, so we do find that important. However, I am really appreciative of the group that was in there and battling and giving us a chance to win the game. Our defense gave us a chance for sure, and in that group that you saw kind of turn the tide a little bit, trying to win the game with a rookie, rookie point guard, and that was playing more, too, I had to go small.

I have an appreciation for what that group did. They gave us a chance to be in the game at the end.

Q. You had cut the lead to 59-57; what did they do or what did your team not do where you could tie them and maybe make the run?
CHERYL REEVE: Well, if I remember correctly, we had a really good possession where we had about four shots on goal that I thought were all good shots. We couldn't get one to go down, and then LA executed their offense, again, if I remember correctly, it was a big three on the backside. They screened our backside. Not new, we were not alert to it, so bad combination. We just couldn't convert with the number of shots that we had and then gave up a three, and then it was kind of hard from there to play catch-up.

Q. You say the three, and then they seemed to be getting some lay-ups.

Q. That happened like in the first quarter a lot; did you make an adjustment to try to cut that down and then they came back and figured a way?
CHERYL REEVE: Yeah, I mean, I think what happens, especially when you're playing off of our offense, that's what LA thrives on. They thrive on being in the paint. They thrive on getting lay-ups. They were very, very persistent, a combination of when we didn't score, getting back and making sure we can get our defense set in lock-down mode, and as I said, we gave up some lay-ups, and that's certainly not the goal.

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