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September 29, 2017

Rickie Fowler

Justin Thomas

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. Team play, it's all about picking the right partner, and the FedExCup Champion, he's holing out of bunkers. Makes it pretty easy?
RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, I think I did okay on the partner. Not just this week. Just glad that we're working well together. I made a couple good birdies early and I rode my horse on the way in.

Q. Two huge points for you guys, you got out early yesterday and out early again, and you wanted to put some red on the board for the U.S.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Absolutely. Like Rick said, we enjoy this so much, especially team play. We're going to play 15, 20 more years of this stuff, and if we continue to be partners, there's going to be rounds where we really rely on the other one on some rounds. He really held us in the start when I wasn't playing very well, and I made a couple birdies there later.

RICKIE FOWLER: Once we saw Charley and Chappy close out their match early, to go from sitting out yesterday and jump out and put the first point on the board today, it was cool to see that. You could see things change with us getting to 3-up later, and Jordan and P-Reed are fighting and getting that match back to even.

We helped turn it around, but I definitely like the look of the board. I'd say Charley and Chappy were the leaders in the clubhouse today.

JUSTIN THOMAS: We're definitely off to as good a start as you could be through two matches, but that being said, we're happy. We're obviously excited, but our match is over and now we'll go cheer our guys on and just be ready to play however many times it is the next two days.

Q. You expect you guys again tomorrow morning?
RICKIE FOWLER: I would think so. We have to see what the captains talk about and discuss. I think that would be our preferred is to, we would prefer to play alternate-shot together versus best-ball, but we're ready to go whenever. I'm looking forward to it. We'll get some sleep tonight. Be a little earlier morning than we've had the last two days.

J.T. making that birdie putt on 12, it was nice we were able to get birdie putts in before them and put pressure on, and that was big. To take down a pretty victorious team is pretty good, even with them on an off-day.

Q. Emotionally, how much fun was that out there?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I'm a little hoarse. That's a first for me. I haven't actually lost a little bit of a voice, other than the PGA on Sunday was the only time I had to clear my throat a lot because I yelled so loud. Wouldn't want to do it with anyone else other than my dude right here. I'm pumped that we took that team down. We took it seriously today like we do every match, but it was a little bit more fun than yesterday's victory.

Q. You jump on a ferry in Manhattan and you come here, past Lady Liberty, the Statue of Liberty, and you're wearing the colors; patriotic guys, but when you make the ferry ride over, how does that amplify your excitement?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I get goosebumps when we hear them say it, let alone go past it. It's not like one of those things that gets old. A lot of us are going outside, taking pictures, the same pictures we've gotten three or four previous days.

It's a great kind of symbolic statue for us and our freedom, and just how lucky we are to be Americans and how awesome it is to be representing the United States.

RICKIE FOWLER: I'll second that, everything he said. It's special. I mean, even for the Internationals, they have talked about how cool the ride is back and forth, and seeing Ellis Island, seeing the statue and going back to the city with the Freedom Tower in the background.

I like the ride going back in better, or at least it's been nice going back, with the win yesterday, and this afternoon will be, as well. I'll take the over on the amount of pictures that we'll be taking on a daily basis.

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