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September 29, 2017

Louis Oosthuizen

Branden Grace

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. Is this one you'd like to have over again?
BRANDEN GRACE: Yeah, definitely. Kind of didn't go our way. We had a couple of bad breaks in the beginning and you know, we're there -- every time we thought we had a chance to get it back, they kind of made the impossible happen. On 14, we nearly stocked it stiff and a couple of putts just didn't go in. But they played great. They definitely played a little better than us today.

Q. Seems to be the philosophy of The Presidents Cup, you're so close, but you just can't quite pull one off. How frustrating was that for you?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, it was. You know, I couldn't get any rhythm on the front nine. I hit a few in the water and it was all on Branden against them. Then sort of found my feet there on the 12th -- 11th, 12th hole. Putter let me down the last two putts. But yeah, they played well. Whenever they were in trouble, they did unbelievable to not go at the hole and that's what you've got to do in better-ball.

Q. Now you have to get going tomorrow because you have to start another streak to make this thing meaningful on Sunday?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, we need a big day tomorrow the way things are now. I don't know what the scores are, but we have to pick our heads up, go out there tomorrow and see if we can have a good Saturday.

Q. You must be feeling the same way?
BRANDEN GRACE: Yeah, definitely. From what I can see, there's still a lot that can happen today. Hopefully we can get out to maybe an even, and maybe a possibility of maybe getting a little bit up and gaining some ground. But tomorrow is going to have to be a big one for us. I think if we get the pairings right tomorrow and the guys put the foot down, you never know.

Q. It looked like on 14, and this hole, you could have --
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: The front nine, I played poorly the front nine. I didn't play unbelievable, but on the back, you could see where the class came through, and Justin hit an unbelievable up-and-down on 12 and then he holed a bunker shot on 14, things like that. So you need also those things to go your way and have a good day.

I felt the last six, seven holes, we definitely played better, me and Branden, and that we gave it a good shot.

Q. That stretch, 10,11, 12, you're making putts just to stay in it. Does that take a lot out of you?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: It does, but it also gives you some confidence. Then we played 13, I hit a good putt just a little soft, and then 14 was a big swing for us, and the same on 15.

You know, those things happen. But I think we just -- we had too much to do at the end against guys like Rickie and Justin, you can't be 2-down playing four holes.

Q. So Nick put you guys up on the board first, and Steve came back with, he wanted best versus best on that. How did you take that? Did it put more pressure on you, or did you take it as a huge complement?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: No, it's a huge complement. It's definitely not pressure -- I mean, every match you play is pressure, but I just don't think we -- you know, I think as a team, the two of us weren't our best out front. Like I say, if you get behind those guys, it's so tough to get back. I mean, they are world-class players and it was just a big task at the end.

Q. You can't win forever. What do you make of the run you two had? It was an amazing run.
BRANDEN GRACE: Yeah, it is. The run's not over yet. We can still get out there and hopefully finish the week off strong.

Like Louis said, we ran into a brick wall today with those two. Every time we tried to show them something, they threw something better back at us. It's the way it goes. We still played good. I thought the back, there was a lot of positive signs, and hopefully we can carry that into the next couple days.

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