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September 28, 2017

Louis Oosthuizen

Branden Grace

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. Topsy-turvy match, you got down early and fought back; a vital point for the International Team?
BRANDEN GRACE: Definitely. It's never nice for us to see any red up there on the leaderboard, especially after the last couple of ones. We fought hard in this wind. Sometimes bogey or par to win a hole.

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I think we're very comfortable around each other and we pull each other. When one is hitting a bad shot, the other is sort of pulling you the whole time. Yeah, we played really well.

Today was a grind. You could win a hole with a bogey or par most of the time. It was one of those: Keep it in play and let's try and give ourselves close to up-and-down par or birdie putts, and the rest is just fight; fight till the end.

Q. Any chance you'll let Nick Price take you guys apart?
BRANDEN GRACE: I think we'll make it a surprise for you guys and see how it goes.

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, in the middle, a few holes, we didn't hit very good shots but we knew it was going to be a grind all day. Then we started really flushing the ball and really giving ourselves putts for birdies and making pars. In these conditions today, par on some holes is good enough to win.

Q. I don't know if anybody flights the ball better low than you do. When it's blowing like this, you hit some gems out there?
BRANDEN GRACE: Towards the beginning of the half, it was a little bit iffy. It's hard because there's so many grandstands out here, and with my ball flight, keeping it low, probably where the wind is, so I just go straight through it, especially on the 10th hole.

It was nice to hit clutch shots when it mattered. We putted great. His speed was spot on. Down the stretch, we had a couple of long putts when we needed to just put pressure on the guys and did exactly that.

Q. What's it like to get support like this when you're on foreign soil?
BRANDEN GRACE: It's awesome, I must say. You know, it wasn't as loud as I thought it was the first day in New York, but it's nice to have our guys, the Fanatics here. We have so much home support. We have maybe 60 guys between the two of us have come out, which has been awesome. It's nice for them to walk around and cheer us on.

Q. You two in the last two Presidents Cups have become the leaders of the international squad inside the ropes: 4-0 in South Korea and now 5-0 after today. What is it about you two that meshes so well?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I don't know, I think we play pretty similar games. We grew up next to the coast there at Mossel Bay in George. Today I think suited us a lot with the wind conditions, and you know, it was tough today. So we don't get down on each other, and if you hit a bad shot, the other one normally gives you a hard time. Then you pick yourself up. Yeah, we gelled great.

BRANDEN GRACE: We get along great and don't give each other too hard of a time out there when things get tough. It was just a grind, especially on a day like today. You know somebody is going to make a mistake and you knew to lift the other one up and I think we do that one great.

Q. How important is this, considering the way the matches played out for the Internationals?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, it didn't look good at a stage there. We sort of knew we need to do something. Adam and Jhonattan, it looked like it was going to be either way; and Leisch and Jason is making a good comeback. Hopefully we can get that point, as well.

We knew it was crucial to get this one.

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