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September 26, 2017

Charley Hoffman

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. When did you get in?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: We were here late Sunday night. Kids are home. Played a little golf yesterday, a few holes.

Q. Who did you play with?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Phil and I played four holes yesterday.

Q. Should we read anything into that?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I actually don't even know yet. You could. Phil, Justin, Rickie and I played today. I would assume -- I don't know the pairings, at all.

Q. San Diego is pretty hot right now. What was that like?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, I've been talking Xander up for the last year or so. I knew he had some great potential. Obviously two wins and TOUR Championship is a special year, no matter who you are, especially a rookie. It's great to see the guy do great.

Q. Have you played in a team match play competition?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I've never played any Walker Cups or anything. Last time I really did that was AJGA event which was the cannon or cup back in the day. Now I think it's the wind happen cup. Nick Watney and I played that tournament at Zurich, which is pretty much the same format as this, which I loved. I wouldn't really call it a team atmosphere but it was the same format as this.

Q. Was on the Canon Cup team with you that's still around?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: The West Coast side, I don't know if anybody is still here. Kuchar was on the East Coast side. I think we're probably the only two that were on TOUR. Joel Crab bell, James was a little younger.

Q. How old were you?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I must have been 16. Before college, 16, 17.

Q. What's your best story from that week?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I have no clue. I mean, you didn't really know -- you maybe played one year AJGA. Just like this, remember all those guys that used to play and form lifelong bonds and friends ships in those team atmospheres.

We played at TPC River Highlands that year.

Q. That's your last team event?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Technically college was a team event but nothing like alternate-shot.

Q. And then you have Phil --
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, 20-something.

Q. What do you make of that?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I think it's one of the coolest feats that you can really have in professional golf. You've made the team in every one he's been available for. That's just a great compliment to Phil as a player and Phil as a teammate. Second to none, that's for sure. Not to mention the longevity and not have any major injury. I mean, everybody has a little nagging injury, but over that timespan not to be hurt at any time is pretty special.

Q. Would you play practice round together a lot?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Our schedules differ so much. If we are both on the range and something like that and ready to go we'll go play but it's rare that we are sort of on the same -- none of us really play in that many practice rounds very much, or at least I don't. So it's rare if we do play.

Q. Is there anyone else on the International Team that you would consider a buddy?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I consider all these guys buddies. We're a traveling circus out here. We play week-in, week-out with each other. It's one of those that I mean, I consider all these guys friends. Definitely I wouldn't have any -- we all want to beat each other but I don't have any enemies over there.

Q. So will you ask Steve to put you with Adam if he gets the chance?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I'm going to leave everything up to him. If he asks who you want to play, I would say Adam just for a TV story of some sort. But I want to do what's best for the team to win this cup, most importantly. Not try to build a story move the media. I'll leave that to people that are higher up than me and if he asks me who I'd like to go play, I'd probably say Adam.

Q. I'm sure you had a good idea but when did you officially get the ball when you were picked?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: We were talking Monday before even the points shook out, make it or not make it. So I was pretty confident that I made it prior but it's one of those things, even if he says yes, until it actually comes out, you're not sure. You always hear a story here or there that might change their mind or do something, go a different direction. But I was fairly confident I would be on that team.

Q. When was the official call?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Official call was probably the next day on Tuesday saying, hey, we are going that direction. I talked to all the guys and captains and stuff, so one day later.

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