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September 26, 2017

Jay Monahan

St. Augustine, Florida

JAY MONAHAN: What a night, what a great game. What an incredible group of people. To my esteemed colleagues and special dignitaries, I'm deeply privileged to be a part of tonight's program. To Davis, to Ian, to Meg, to Lorena, to the late Henry Longhurst, you have graced the golf world for decades with your talents, your competitiveness, and your dignity.

I offer heartfelt congratulations for your well-deserved enshrinement into the World Golf Hall of Fame. On behalf of the PGA TOUR and the Presidents Cup, it also gives me immense pride at that we're joining the World Golf Hal of Fame to create a week-long tribute reflecting all that is great about our game. When you consider the number of events on our schedule, only a stage as vibrant and as cosmopolitan as metropolitan New York would be fitting. From tonight's World Golf Hall of Fame induction to the inaugural Junior Presidents Cup, where this afternoon 24 stars of the future had medals draped around their neck by Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. To the Presidents Cup Fan Experience at the Oculus to the 20th anniversary of the founding of the First Tee, this all builds to a global celebration of golf, culminating with four days of world-class competition at the Presidents Cup at Liberty National.

We at the PGA TOUR are proud of the Presidents Cup and the important piece of the golf landscape. The Presidents Cup itself is a vehicle that helps transport the game and its appeal on a global basis. Think about it; this year members of the International Team, 12 of them, represent eight countries and five different continents. They're different cultures, speaking different languages, all coming together, unified by their love of this great game.

Just one year and a day ago, we lost a hero from the inaugural class of the 1974 World Golf Hall of Fame. Everyone has their favorite memory or their favorite story about Arnold Palmer. What I hold dear to my heart is a quote from the book "A Golfer's Life." In it, he said, I do like being seen and called an ambassador of the game. How I prefer to be thought of in terms of my legacy is as a caretaker of the game, a caretaker just the way my father was before me."

Now, Davis, Ian, Meg, Lorena and Henry are and were caretakers and are being honored for a job well done. But I would also suggest that the responsibility of serving as caretakers both never ends and falls to all of us. So let us continue to take that job seriously and let us all continue to make Mr. Palmer proud.

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