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September 24, 2017

Alexander Zverev

Prague, Czech Republic


Prague, Czech Republic

24 September, 2017

A. ZVEREV/S. Querrey

6-4, 6-4

Europe - 12

The World - 6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Could you just comment on what you have most enjoyed about your Laver Cup experience.
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Just being around everyone, I think. Obviously the atmosphere here, playing on court, the support I get from the legends, as well, it's quite amazing. I think it's the only event where you'll have that.

So, yeah, I think that, but also outside of the court, just hanging around those guys. Being able to have dinners, to be in contact with them is quite amazing.

Q. You looked pretty comfortable on the court today. How did you really feel? Did you feel you were not going to be hindered or anything like that?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: No, I mean, I felt good from start to finish. I mean, I felt like I was playing pretty aggressive, pretty well, hitting the ball quite hard, returning pretty well, even though he aced me 11 times, but every time I was on the ball I was able to make it. So putting pressure on him, on his service games, I mean, I got a pretty straight win.

Q. Before the match, did you feel any extra pressure knowing that you have to win if you want to keep Europe in the lead?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Not really, because, you know, you have Rafa and Roger playing the next two matches. They're favorites in both of them.

So that helped me a little bit, but obviously I wanted to give Europe the point, to take some pressure off of those guys, even though I'm pretty sure they're able to handle it (smiling).

But, no, I mean, I played a good match, as I said, from start to finish, and that obviously helps with the nerves, as well.

Q. Roger and Rafa are now your teammates, but they will be your rivals in the next big tournaments. Are you maybe thinking a little bit about how to defeat them after?

Q. Yeah.
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: No. I hope Rafa wins this match against John right now.

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