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September 24, 2017

Sam Querrey

Patrick McEnroe

Prague, Czech Republic


Prague, Czech Republic

24 September, 2017

A. ZVEREV/S. Querrey

6-4, 6-4

Europe - 12

The World - 6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Tough match, obviously. Could you just give us, like, a short mindset of you for Zverev, from your side? What can he achieve in tennis and what do you think his future is going to be?
SAM QUERREY: I mean, he's pretty solid. He's already achieved a lot at a young age. I just assume he's going to get better and better. He's got a ton of weapons. He doesn't really have a weakness, really.

You know, he's going to be a guy that's vying for Grand Slams for the next ten years, obviously.

Q. Did you feel any pressure going into that match?
SAM QUERREY: I mean, a little bit. There is pressure on all the matches today. They are all big matches. They're worth a lot of points.

You know, it wasn't pressure where I was nervous or anything, but it was a big match. I did my best, but he played a little better. Hopefully John and Nick can tie it up for us, and then anything can happen at the end.

Q. How did you feel as the Team No. 1? But at the same time, you played against higher-ranked players all the time. What was your feeling about it?
SAM QUERREY: Yeah, I mean, from the beginning, everyone saw their team and our team. You know, they have the higher-ranked players. We've got guys who are good and dangerous and have big games and can pull off upsets.

We have lost a ton of matches in tiebreakers, so even though they have the higher-ranked team and they have got more points than us now, if you really look at the scores of a lot of the matches, you know, it could be a lot closer than what it appears.

Q. Patrick, last time Chicago had a tennis tournament, it was the McEnroe Show. You played John in the final.

Q. Are you happy to be going back to Chicago?
VICE-CAPTAIN PATRICK McENROE: I think it will be great. It's a great city and they have a lot of great tennis clubs there. A lot of people I think from Chicago go to Cincinnati, which is an awesome event.

Beautiful indoor arena there, so I think hopefully we can have the same kind of buzz there that we have had here, and I think it will be awesome.

Q. What do you remember from that match and what happened during the match? It was a pretty big crowd, from what I can remember.
VICE-CAPTAIN PATRICK McENROE: Yeah, I mean, I remember a lot. My dad came in at the last minute to see the final, so that was obviously a proud moment for him.

You know, that was probably the one small time in my career where I could at least give John a match. You know, he was sort of at the end of his career and I was in the prime of my career.

So it was a competitive match. You know, we played a couple other times when he just destroyed me. It was one of those matches where, you know, I had a chance to win. I think it was 6-4 in the third, in the final set.

But it was a great atmosphere. It won't be the McEnroe Show next year, but hopefully we'll both be there in a different role and letting these guys do their thing.

Q. How do you see chances of Team World next year in Chicago? Because Europe can have Djokovic, Murray, and Wawrinka and those guys, Nadal, Federer. How do you see your chance?
VICE-CAPTAIN PATRICK McENROE: Yeah, and we could have Shapovalov and Raonic and Nishikori and Kyrgios and Sam and a couple --


VICE-CAPTAIN PATRICK McENROE: -- yeah, Del Potro. Let's hope we get all the best players from both areas of the world. I think that's what everybody wants. That being said, it's been amazing here. I don't think there is a doubt next year Europe will probably still go in as a favorite, but having the home court advantage I think will help us.

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