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September 24, 2017

John McEnroe

Bjorn Borg

Prague, Czech Republic


Prague, Czech Republic

24 September, 2017

Europe - 9

The World - 3


TODD WOODBRIDGE: Good morning, everybody. Thank you for joining us for the reveal of the lineup for Day 3. Morning, Captains. Welcome to you.

I think we can all agree that Day 2 produced another outstanding day of tennis at the Laver Cup, Team Europe coming out on top with three of the four matches, and of course that now leaves us with a scoreline of Team Europe leading Team World by 9 points to 3.

Let me just quickly explain the day's lineup, how that will work. As you know, for the first day's play, both of our captains submitted their day lineups blind at the very same time.

Today, as it was yesterday, one team had access to the opponent's lineup last night before submitting their selections, so today, the home captain, Björn Borg for Team Europe, is going to submit his lineup second. And last night Team World and Captain McEnroe had the chance to submit their lineups for Matches 9 through 12, which we can now reveal.

CAPTAIN JOHN McENROE: I believe it's the other way around.

TODD WOODBRIDGE: Oh, did I get it wrong? Oh, good grief.

Can we just put that reveal up? Got it?

So, Björn, you put your selections in there. Can you just give us a bit of a view of what you put through? Match 9 is the doubles, Tomas Berdych and Marin Cilic are up first.

CAPTAIN BJÖRN BORG: I thought Berdych played a good match yesterday. It was a great match. He had a few chances to win, and I think he's hitting the ball well. So was Cilic. He's playing well, too. They're two good doubles players. So, I mean, doubles, anything can happen. So that's what I picked.

TODD WOODBRIDGE: Well, John, we are going to reveal who you are going to put against these guys. On Match 9, could you reveal your doubles combination?

CAPTAIN JOHN McENROE: It's going to be Big John Isner and Jack Sock. Jack Sock is our best doubles player, you can tell. The first couple of days he's got a comfort level, and he can help out these other guys.

Obviously we need to get off to a good start here. Critical that we win that. So that's the plan.

TODD WOODBRIDGE: Match 10, Alexander Zverev, who are you putting against him?

CAPTAIN JOHN McENROE: We are going to put Sam Querrey against him. Alexander played great against Denis. Sam has been playing our best over the course of the last three, four months, stepped it up. He's going to need to step it up.

He didn't play his best against Roger, but Roger is Roger Federer. He played better in the doubles, and we're hopeful that he takes it to him. It's going to be interesting.

TODD WOODBRIDGE: Match 11? It's Rafa Nadal. Who will you put against him?

CAPTAIN JOHN McENROE: We're actually going to put John Isner against him, try to make him as uncomfortable as possible. We wanted to explore how far back Rafa would go on the court on the return. So we picked the right guy for that (smiling).

TODD WOODBRIDGE: We've built a big enough backdrop on the court for him (smiling).

And finally, Match 12, Roger Federer will take on?

CAPTAIN JOHN McENROE: Nick Kyrgios. Nick's a great big-match player, loves to play these guys. It would be amazing if it were still a live match and those two went at it.

TODD WOODBRIDGE: So there we have it, the lineup for Day 3. It's another intriguing one. The doubles to set things off. It's a must win for Team World to keep in that competition.

Good luck, Captains. We look forward to another terrific day of tennis. Thank you.

CAPTAIN JOHN McENROE: Beautiful. Thank you.


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