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September 6, 1992

Emilio Sanchez


Q. Was it fun to play your brother today?


Q. Was it fun?

EMILIO SANCHEZ: Well, I don't think so because he make my life so difficult. I don't know, before going to the match, he never beat me. I was really not afraid. I was a little nervous about the match, because I knew that was going to be a match-- tougher match than the other times, because, believe it or not, he, in the other times, he was more like, geez, I am playing with my older brother and everything. But he doesn't think like that. He takes me like a normal player now and I knew that was going to happen and I knew it was going to be a difficult match.

Q. He said that he thought this might have been the best match that you two ever played together. Do you think that?

EMILIO SANCHEZ: Well, I think it was his best. I don't think I did play well today, but I fight a lot at the end, workout. It was the best match overall, because it was very exciting and a lot of ups and downs and a lot of changing of the match. So probably in his life probably be the match, I suppose.

Q. Have you taken advantage of him in the past? He said before that he was playing you like an older brother and not just like a normal player, but today that changed?

EMILIO SANCHEZ: That goes-- that goes with the age, I suppose. I don't know, I think he has always been with me. I think I help him a lot during his career, and I support him a lot. So maybe that was what is happening in his mind when he was playing me, but now he is more himself, and he plays more of his tennis and he doesn't depend as much as before, and I think that -- when he prepared for the match, and everything, you can see that, and it was different.

Q. Is that satisfying to you, gratifying to you to see that maturity in him?

EMILIO SANCHEZ: Well, I think that is good. I think it is good for everyone, even if most of the people always see him like my small brother, and he is doing always the same thing as I do. I think it is good that the people start to see that is not happening anymore and he is himself, and he has his own career, and I have mine, and we are not -- we are not in the same.

Q. What is it that allows you to beat him? What do you know -- I mean, do you know everything about his game and he knows everything -- why do you beat him all the time?

EMILIO SANCHEZ: I don't know. I think today it was so close that anyone could win. But, I don't know, I like to fight. I have been doing this all my career, and I am going to take my chances all the time. We play very similar, and I don't -- I don't know, I cannot say why I beat him. I think I just do my best and we have very similar game. And the match, you can see like two players doing the same things all the time; style of play and the way we go to the ball and everything, all very similar.

Q. Like playing in a mirror?

EMILIO SANCHEZ: A little bit. I don't know. Before I think my game was a little bit more powerful than his and that is why at the end I always beat him. Now I think we are very -- pretty even.

Q. Did you wish your brother beat--

EMILIO SANCHEZ: Did I wish my brother--

Q. -- Beat his today's opponent?


Q. Did you talk to him at all during the day before the match, during the match, after the match? Were there any exchanges between you?

EMILIO SANCHEZ: Well, after the match, no, because I think he went -- he came here and I was in the shower and everything. Before the match, we just talked, but everything like -- nothing about the match. Few days ago when we knew that we were going to play and then each one make the comments, whatever, I am going to beat you or this and that, but today was the day of the match, and each one went his own way.

Q. Are you staying together here?


Q. You stay in the same apartment or hotel?


Q. Have you been practicing together before?

EMILIO SANCHEZ: Not today, no.

Q. Yesterday, yes?

EMILIO SANCHEZ: Well, we always practice together, but when you are playing a tournament like this, like the U.S. Open, where you have so many matches and everything, you don't practice as much like you are at home, like you play everyday and you just warm-up for the match and for the warm-up, each one warm-up by himself.

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