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September 24, 2017

Matt Kenseth

Kyle Larson

Loudon, New Hampshire

THE MODERATOR: We are joined by our second‑place finisher Kyle Larson, driver of the No.42 Target Chevrolet, and our third place finisher Matt Kenseth, driver of the No.20 Sirius XM Toyota. Why don't you both take us through your race today.
KYLE LARSON: Yeah, my race was‑‑ so lap 1, I went backwards in a hurry. But yeah, I think I was on the splitter to start there early, but we got that better, and yeah, I kind of ran around third to fifth all race long. I felt like I wasn't great on short runs, but I was really good on long runs, which was kind of opposite of practice. I don't know, I was kind of happy about that. Got a good restart there at the end, got to second, and kept my pace up with Kyle a little bit there, but he could just get pointed a little bit better than me and get the throttle down where I would spin my tires a little bit. Too loose there on the short run, but if we could have had a long run, maybe who knows. But he was fast, 78 was fast, Matt was really good, so I thought we were probably fourth best or so.
Good day, really good points today, stage points and a good finish. Should be fairly locked into the next round, which is positive.
MATT KENSETH: Just whatever he said. No, I'm just kidding.
We were decent on the long run, just really struggled getting through the gears and getting through 1 and 2, and that really hurt us at the end, obviously, with all those short runs and restarts at the end. I thought we had a third‑place car most of the day. I thought the 78 and 18 were better. If I had the track position, I felt like I could do okay with them on the long run, but short run they'd get away from me pretty far, and it was hard to make that distance back up.

Q. Kyle, you're piecing together these good runs and points runs, but as you hopefully are through to‑‑ most likely through to the next round, barring catastrophe, how important do you feel like it's going to get a win?
KYLE LARSON: Well, I think if I can keep up these top‑5 runs and good stage finishes, I mean, you could probably point your way to them, but I would prefer to get a win in each of these rounds. If we can keep the good runs going, we should be all right.
Obviously I think as you get into the later rounds, wins are even more important than they are now. We had good regular season points, gave ourselves some good playoff points. This first round I knew would be fairly easy, but I think as we get into the next round and then the third round, a win would be great.

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