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September 17, 2017

Justin Rose

Carmel, Indiana

Q. First of all, just react to I know you're pretty close, what it's like to see --
JUSTIN ROSE: He's a great. Every time I play well I often notice Leishman is on the leaderboard along with me. We obviously play somewhat similar games because often when I play well he plays well.

Yeah, it's great to see his family there. They've been through a lot, too. Two little boys were basically giving it to Leo.

Obviously Marc maintained his five shot lead. I went as far as I could. I didn't really look at boards but I sensed close from the crowd reaction when I made the putt at 16.

Q. What a performance with the flag stick in particular --
JUSTIN ROSE: Kind of just held up at the end. Obviously that was really lucky birdie, my (inaudible).

Q. Of course, that performance now we saw you tied with Rickie there, that means you're going to be 8th seems like that is what the forecast is for the FedExCup standings.
Tell us what the difference means to you and how you feel about that position. Are you within striking distance?

JUSTIN ROSE: Everyone knows you're in the Top-5 and win, you win the FedExCup. You're 8th, you have to have a good week. It's a lot better than it was three weeks ago. I think it's been a nice playoff run. If I can keep trending the way I have, I have a chance.

Q. Solid playing today. Five back but you really put some pressure on Marc on the back-9. Kind of feel pretty good about today's round?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I do. I didn't pay too much attention to leaderboards out there today. I played a little game with myself on the back-9. I said I was five down teeing off the 10th tee and wanting to try to get to the last hole all square. I knew I was going to have a play a special back-9. That was my game within a game I was trying to play. Looked good.

Unfortunately, I hit a couple of the wrong shots at the wrong time. Missed the fairway at 14, the par 5, somewhat halted my momentum. I chose to lay up on 15 which I just thought it was such a easy wedge shot with the pin in the bowl there, I couldn't see 3-wood staying on the green. Didn't capitalize with a wedge.

Q. You had a great week. Talk about trying to get to the Top-5 or as close as you can. You're heading into the Tour Championship 8th.
JUSTIN ROSE: I feel good about 8th. Give myself a realistic chance. You can win from 8. The other guys in Top-5 still have to have a really good week to beat you out. Can't be controlling your own destiny, but you're not far off.

Q. How would you describe your round?
JUSTIN ROSE: It was a lot of fun today. I haven't played sort of in the last couple groups for awhile. Kind of nice to be in the hunt and in the energy.

Starting the day out marc was 7 ahead of me and even the guys in second place were 2 ahead of me. I worked pretty hard to get myself into it. I sensed from the crowd a little bit with a few holes to go I was getting close. Leish put in it gear there. It was exciting to get in the hunt.

Q. How tough is it, you close win two, he answers on 15, to try to cut that finishing stretch?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah. 14 and 15 were the holes I didn't capitalize on. I missed the fairway at 14 and didn't birdie 15. I chose to layup. I felt it was a easy wedge shot with the pin in the bowl.

Those two holes didn't work out for me. I kind of needed to capitalize on those two. I somewhat sensed it. I birdied 16, I thought I sense I had it from the crowd I was close again and obviously I think Leish birdied behind me and obviously birdied 18, too.

Anytime someone goes out and maintains that five shot lead and brings it home, impressive.

Q. Runner-up heading into East Lake. Feel like your game is turning in the right direction at the right time this year?
JUSTIN ROSE: Projected 8, I think I noticed. That's pretty good. I think go to East Lake and win at 8, hopefully the guys in the Top-5 have to play pretty well to beat you out. I don't control my own destiny but excited to go to next week.

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