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September 16, 2017

So Yeon Ryu

Evian-les-Bains, France

Q. We didn't get a chance to talk to you yesterday. I just wanted to ask what you thought about how everything went down.
SO YEON RYU: Well, I know even though I only played five holes on Thursday, I was leading the tournament, so when LPGA decided to cancel the whole round, I was definitely disappointed, but even though I wasn't happy with it, I cannot do anything after all the decisions have been made. So I just kept just talking to myself, okay, past is past, and I still have three more rounds to go. Let's play well.

Well, also to be honest after I shot 4-over par yesterday, I was -- it was really hard to stop thought about it, but it is what it is, so I think I just need to learn to let it go and focus on Saturday and Sunday. That was my mindset.

Yeah, well, of course that was a very unusual decision, and hopefully for the future we're not going to have any more hassles about that. Still, this tournament is a very, very nice tournament, and hopefully everything just goes well until tomorrow, then I really wish this tournament is going to be successful.

Q. Did it ever occur to you that they would wipe out the scores?
SO YEON RYU: Well, after yesterday a little bit. I thought about it. I definitely wasn't like --

Q. Were you shocked, I guess?
SO YEON RYU: Yes, for sure. But once again, I mean, I couldn't do anything, so I just should have accepted it. Well, yeah, somebody called it was fair, somebody called it was unfair, but I really think it depends on where you're at. For my situation it was unfair. But if someone shot like 4-over par, 5-over par, then yeah, Thursday morning weather was really bad, so maybe that was fair for everyone. So it was really hard to say who was right and who was wrong. Yeah, just it is what it is. I just need to just accept it.

Q. You're playing alongside Sung Hyun Park, who had such a dramatic change and who you're in the race for all these important accolades. Was that in your mind, too?
SO YEON RYU: Well, I thought Sung Hyun was definitely very fortunate to cancel the tournament, but I think -- well, I don't know, because we still have one more round to go, so I don't know who's going to take the RAMA award at the end. I don't know who's going to win the Player of the Year Award, CME Globe. I don't know what it's going to be. But I sort of just trust every situation as what it's meant to you. So what I keep doing myself is just practice hard, just prepare for the tournament hard, then just do my best, and no matter what kind of result, I'm just going to take the result, and I just see it as this is what it's meant to be. This is what God prepared for me, then I'm not going to have something else.

Also these things really feel like being on the LPGA Tour is fortunate enough. Like so many lady golfers are deserving and not many people get to play on the LPGA TOUR, but also not many people are able to be in the majors, not many people are able to be No. 1. But I promise I've done everything, like those steps, but sometimes I'm not really appreciating that because I'm still looking for bigger ones. I'm still wanting more than that. You say that sort of learning, okay, I need to appreciate every little thing. Being on the LPGA is really lucky. Also like playing at this beautiful golf course, I am still a very lucky one. I'm sort of just seeing more -- I just try to see more positive way instead of think about just whole like prize money or all the award kind of things. Hopefully this mindset can help me out to play happy, and that happiness -- hopefully that happiness is able to bring me to good rewards.

Q. You mentioned RAMA; what would it mean to you to win that award?
SO YEON RYU: I think just -- I mean, I'm not saying if it's not major, it's not true challenge, but major tournament is to be honest like biggest challenge for all of us because the course setup is obviously much harder than any other golf -- any other golf tournament. Winning the RAMA means I got through all the challenge pretty well, so it's going to be a huge honor. Then especially that's named after Annika Sorenstam, which is one of my heroes, one of the greatest women's golfer before in women's golf history, so it's going to be really an honor.

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