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September 15, 2017

Paula Creamer

Evian-les-Bains, France

PAULA CREAMER: It happened on Tuesday afternoon, and I basically -- it's sprained, my tendon that goes along -- you can see it's like --

Q. Oh, my gosh.
PAULA CREAMER: It's not very good.

Q. It's bruised.
PAULA CREAMER: It's the tendon that goes this way, so every time I set the club, it's just like excruciating. As much as you tape it -- it's just a balance of what do you do. I guess today -- Wednesday it was pretty bad. I barely practiced even yesterday, and I hit 15 balls on the range before. I practiced, trying to get better, and too much and too long and out of the bunker. You know, and partially my mistake because I know my body and I know my hands, and I just pushed it too much. You know, I obviously didn't think I would sprain it, but the rough and the bunkers over there, it's nasty. It was just an honest mistake, really. And then some of the shots out of there, I mean, I could feel it just blow up.

It was hard with Ai, you know.

Q. I know that meant a lot to you to be able to play with her. Were the tears partly from that or was it just frustration?
PAULA CREAMER: Both. Obviously I want to play and I want to contend and I want to win, and I've been playing really well lately, but then when one of your best friends, it's her last event, it's kind of hard, too.

Q. I'm sorry.
PAULA CREAMER: It's okay. But yeah, I mean, that was probably one of the biggest compliments I've ever been given was her to ask to play with me, and to put her through this is not the easiest thing. But it's not like we're never going to see each other or talk to each other ever again, that's for sure. We are such good friends. But it's unfortunate that it ended -- I wanted to be there for her, and who knows, I'll definitely be out there on the green when she finishes tomorrow, that's for sure, and hopefully on Sunday.

Q. You've gotten treatment for this since you've been here. What's the plan going forward?
PAULA CREAMER: Well, I think it's just rest, and I've been icing it so much just to numb it so I couldn't feel it, and that happens, but then it goes into your hand and you can't feel your hands, and we tried not to do that early on because I wanted to feel it to see if it was going to get worse, treatment, ice, and basically just not doing anything. I mean, I still plan on -- I mean, in my brain I thought I could still go make birdies, but that's, I think, the competitor in me. I mean, I definitely -- they said I wouldn't make it worse playing, but then there's a point of, what are you doing. I don't want to make it more inflamed. That takes a longer time. Nothing is going to tear, but...

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