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September 14, 2017

Keegan Bradley

Carmel, Indiana

Q. Keegan, nicely done out there, 7 birdies. You putted well and, of course, the chip-in at 9, the putt off the green at 17.
How did you feel out there today?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Those were two nice ones. The one on 9 was really far by. Could have been a two shot swing. It's fun. I've got a lot the play for.

Q. You come in 48th on the list. It's been a gradual improvement for you. You're really finding your form.
What's your mindset you come into a week like this really you know it's been a good year but you want to get to the next step?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: It's a big goal on my list to make it to the Tour Championship so it's kind of on my mind a lot when I'm out there. It's just another tournament trying to do well, you know, finishing, trying to win the tournament.

Q. Is it more pressure or less pressure?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: It will be more pressure on Sunday, not more pressure to win the tournament. You're coming down to the end maybe a birdie will do it. It's a little different than other weeks.

Q. The condition of the golf course good?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: It's the best I've seen it. It's firming up. It will be awesome.

Q. Congratulations. Good round. Play well the rest of way.

Q. Keegan, get some comments on your round.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah. Got off to a -- birdied my first three and then made a couple good pars on the next holes are tough and really finished up nicely.

So, really proud of the way I played today and just excited to be playing everyday so I want to keep going.

Q. Is it kind of a liberating way to know it's like it's do or die, you got to throw everything you have at this thing?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah. I mean we have so much to play for every week but especially in these FedExCup Playoffs. All of a sudden you have a really good week, you could legitimately have a chance of winning the FedExCup. You have no idea.

So, making the Tour Championship is awesome but, geez, you can really jump up the leaderboard.

Q. How big was the save on 16?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: The save on 16 was big because I hit a really good drive and kind of got an unlucky bounce. That was a huge, huge save. I made one from off the green on 17 and birdied 18.

Q. What is the difference between the golfer you were when you made the Tour Championship and since then?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: A lot of things. Went through some swing changes and now I'm feeling better. The belly putter was an adjustment so I'm seeing my way out of all that now.

So, if it's not this year, hopefully it will be next year. But I feel a lot more like the person I was out on the course now than ever.

Q. Is there a tangible example of that in your round today where that you hit a shot, made a putt, did something that you're not sure you would have done?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: A good example is the par on 16. I had a really tough 6, 7-footer with a lot of break and I made it. That just changes everything.

I make that, birdie the last two, it's a 3-shot swing, maybe more. Who knows. Those 6, 8 footers for par to keep your round going cannot only help you win the tournament but help you have a good par.

Q. 17 did not look like an easy off the green putt, either.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: It wasn't. Just such a tricky hole. I would have been very happy obviously with a 3 there and I actually thought it might come up short and kept going right in the middle. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.

Q. The putter issue, one that took longer than you ever dreamed, this is going to be a big thing for you to have to do?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah. It was tougher than I thought but I was going through stuff with my game as well where I was working on that so it was kind -- couldn't focus on one thing long enough.

So, you know, feeling now where I'm there, I'm not working on anything, I'm just trying to work on going up there and shooting low numbers and win tournaments.

Q. You played a ton of golf recently. Got a ton of golf coming up in the fall. What do you do to make sure you have energy?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: I love playing golf, geez. Obviously there's mental fatigue, physical fatigue. I want to be out here playing.

I put some so much work at home the last thing I want to do is hit more balls on the range or spend more time on the putting green. I just want to be out here.

I got a lot of cool stuff can happen if you do well out here. So, I'm in a playing mode. It's hard for me to take one week off. I'm going to hopefully not take next week off, that's the first start.

Q. November 18th, is that when it's due?

Q. Was it a blow -- I'm sure you realize as a player, make a few putts and hitting the shots, but to realize that change was maybe tougher, what does that do to your, I don't know, ego, for lack of a better word?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: It stinks. It's no fun. No fun watching Majors at home, no fun watching Ryder Cups and Presidents Cups at home. You start feeling bad for yourself. It's just a more -- you got to put more effort in, work harder and practice harder and play more, like I was talking about earlier, and hopefully it will payoff.

Q. Is there a sobering moment at one of those things you sat out, you just mentioned watching. I remember you were used to sort of being there for several years and then you weren't, was there any example that comes to mind where you really sitting there going, "Why am I not there?"
KEEGAN BRADLEY: The Masters this year not being there was really weird. That was awful. I normally would go early and practice and play a little bit. That was always super fun for me. Like I wasn't allowed, couldn't go. So, that was tough. Watching the Ryder Cup, then I was excited for them but that was tough to watch as well.

It's motivation to play better. Only I can fix that.

Q. How is the putter and the swing change?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: There was one stretch I really did poorly. I had to work my way out of it and bunch of veterans have come to me and said the same thing. I feel now I'm coming out of it so I'm looking forward to more fun stuff.

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