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September 14, 2017

Justin Thomas

Carmel, Indiana

Q. Impressed you could suffer a double bogey out there and bounce back and finish the way did you.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Thank you. It was a good day. I mean I played well. Hit some really nice drives there after the start where I didn't really hit some good ones, but all my birdies were very low stress. Hit them close to the hole or on the par-5s, short par-4s got around the green. Just a bad mental mistake by us and I was able to bounce back. So that was good.

Q. Aggressive play off the tee at par 4 15th.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah. It was a perfect number and I know it's a driver but the wind in off the right, if I hit a high cut in there just made sure I don't overcut it, that I could at least get around the hole. For some reason I was just scared of missing the fairway with an iron. It's weird and I know it's a pretty bad thought but I know if I miss the fairway with an iron I wasn't going to be able to get it close and I hit a high cut, as soft as the greens are, might be able to hold it.

Q. Drive of the day 18, 335 off the green. Set-up what you called a stress-free birdie.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Had a good 5-wood number in there. Hit it good. Thought kind of started where I wanted to but fell right instead of left. Had a weird little lie. Good chip to get it under the hole and end the day with birdie.

Q. Such a difference in you with five tournament victories and a Major that you look like a much more confident player. Is that correct or am I just reading too much into it?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I know I can get around the courses without my best stuff. If I'm smart and patient and don't do anything unnecessary, then I can shoot a couple under.

Q. Are we just about a year removed from you going to the mallet putter?
JUSTIN THOMAS: The first Playoff event last year was the first time I ever used.

Q. It paid well off for you. Keep it up.

Q. Making that double at 11.
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was a very low stress day, good day. I hit a lot of greens. Just a bad kind of mental mistake by us on the hole, just making sure we're not left of the hole or we are left of that hole and, yeah, I was able to come back well. That was kind a little mini goal I had for myself after that to try to get it back to 4-under for the day.

So I was happy to do so.

Q. How much does playing with Jordan, how much do you guys push each other within the same group after what you guys been doing the last few weeks?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I don't think we're pushing each other. We're out there trying to post a low score for us, you know, not to beat the other guy. There's a good chance that if we're beating each one we're going to have a good chance to win the tournament come Sunday but we're out there playing, we're very focused but we're having fun between shots and we're just trying to make as many birdies as we can, especially at a place like this.

Q. Sometimes you guys talk about playing well even when you -- scoring well when you're not playing well. Did you feel like you kind of did that today, you maximized -- you did the best you could with what you had?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Not really. I definitely had some putts out there that I could have made or I didn't make any crazy -- I don't think I made anything over probably ten feet. So, it was a day where I felt like I definitely could have gone lower or could have shot a couple better and -- but I mean, overall, in terms of how I played tee to green, I can't be too upset. It's only the first day. I'm in a good position.

Q. These tournaments kind of run together in terms they're all big, like a bunch of (inaudible).
What's the dynamic like playing them?

JUSTIN THOMAS: I was just sitting there last night, I can't believe, we're one event away from our season being over. That's crazy to me more-so how fast it goes.

But this is just the time of year you get a little tired or you can at times and it's important to make sure we're fresh and ready to go and it's not that they -- at least I don't feel like though run together as much but you almost have to remind yourself of playoff events so I guess you could say that.

Just how fast it happens, you know, it feels like a regular event and all of a sudden we are in a playoff event and the season is over already.

Q. Is it easy to sleepwalk threw this one when you're set for next week compared to where you were last time you were here at Conway Farms?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah. It's a lot better feeling than it was two years ago. You know, it's different. I've never been in this position before knowing I'll be in the Top-5 going into Atlanta and knowing if I win in Atlanta I win the FedExCup.

Obviously anyway that you can improve is better and betters your chances but it definitely is a little odd knowing that I could finish dead last here and win next week but I hope to not do that.

Q. Did you do anything stupid today and do you run that risk because of everything being --
JUSTIN THOMAS: Not for that. I don't think what I did on 5 was stupid. It was aggressive but it was just an opportunity for me to take advantage of my length.

Q. Nothing careless.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, nothing careless.

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