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November 17, 1997

Nathalie Tauziat


Q. Nathalie, like a good Beaujolais, getting better and better with age.

NATHALIE TAUZIAT: Yes, exactly the same. If you have a new Beaujolais, so, I think I'm not like Beaujolais, but I am like the good wine.

Q. Nathalie, this is sort of a delayed birthday present for you, isn't it?

NATHALIE TAUZIAT: Well, yes. I play -- I mean, I play well since one months, and I improve my game, and I get a lot of confidence. And I'm very pleased about that. And I don't know what's going on, but I play pretty well. And I like the game I play right now. I know I can play this game. And I made it during the match, that's why I am pleased for it. But I know I can play like this during practice, but not during the match. I know I can play match like this.

Q. Your serve was very good tonight.

NATHALIE TAUZIAT: Yeah, I serve pretty good tonight. But when I'm confident, I think that's one of my best shots.

Q. I thought you volleyed really well (inaudible) what was your strategy going into the match?

NATHALIE TAUZIAT: My tactic was simple, I have to play my game. That's -- if I play serve and volley, I can't be very strong. And that was my tactic today. I have nothing to lose against her, and I just want to play my game. And I know since two months if I play really well my game I can beat anybody.

Q. The end of the match, your gesture was very pointed. Did you want to show somebody anything when you pointed out?

NATHALIE TAUZIAT: No, I just want point to some friend and my coach, Alexandra Fusai, my doubles partner. And I was pleased to share my victory with them. That's it. Simple.

Q. Nathalie, do you think that she was surprised at the strength of your game tonight?

NATHALIE TAUZIAT: Maybe. Ask her, I don't know.

Q. You've never beaten her before. Were you surprised yourself at how fast it went for you?

NATHALIE TAUZIAT: Not at that kind of surface, no. I know I can beat her on fast surface, and I -- I do it today.

Q. I think you played her on carpet before, though, and lost.

NATHALIE TAUZIAT: Yeah, a long time ago in Philly, and I lost in three set. But I play much better right now. That's maybe the difference.

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