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September 13, 2017

Terrill Samuel

Portland, Oregon

Q. That was a tough start, seemed like two different nines for you.
TERRILL SAMUEL: Yeah, I was just telling them, it was like going along okay and then I made a couple of bad bogeys with just wedges, and then she made two birdies, then I'm 4-down like just in four holes like that. And then it just turned around. You just hang in. Sometimes you can hang in and same thing happened on the back nine, so I made a couple of birdies, she made a couple of bogeys, and then, yeah, I'm right back in it.

Q. You hit a beautiful approach I believe on 15 very tight there and you made that putt to get back all square. How many yards did you have object that approach?
TERRILL SAMUEL: I think it was 84. I was in a slight divot so I was really happy with that shot.

Q. Did you hit a sand wedge on that shot?
TERRILL SAMUEL: I hit my 52, one of my sand wedges, my stronger one.

Q. Possibly your best approach this week so far?
TERRILL SAMUEL: Yeah, it was pretty good.

Q. And then when you get back to all square, what's your mindset with three holes left? What are you trying to do at that point?
TERRILL SAMUEL: Like your adrenaline starts going. Before you're just trying to stay relaxed and you're fine, and just going whatever happens, and then all of a sudden you're all square, then it becomes nerve-racking, so it was different, yeah.

Q. Was this your longest match of the tournament so far?
TERRILL SAMUEL: No, I've gone one more, 20. 20 holes, yeah.

Q. And when you were all square, 4-down, what's your mindset on the front? Obviously you don't give up?
TERRILL SAMUEL: Yeah, you never give up because if you can get to like 2-down, then they start feeling the pressure because I felt it when I was up like that, and all they have to do is pick away at it and you get 2-down and they're going to start feeling pressure because they were 4-up because I know I did.

Q. You said at some point in the round you were shaking?
TERRILL SAMUEL: Yeah, after you get all even, then you start shaking, okay, I have a chance. You know, so yeah, then it's nerve-racking on the putts. It's like, whoa, relax, take deep breaths.

Q. Can you tell me the name of your caddie?
TERRILL SAMUEL: It's my mom, C-a-m.

Q. What role did she play for you today?
TERRILL SAMUEL: She always keeps me calm. She's 80 years old, and yesterday I played 38 holes, and she did all 38. She does take shortcuts, whenever she can she takes me bag around and stuff like that, and then she chats to me. She's my mom. She's my best friend, so it's good.

Q. Can I ask what she said to you after you won on the green there?
TERRILL SAMUEL: I don't know. I really don't know. She just gave me a hug and said well done -- she probably said, well done, Terri.

Q. I believe you know your opponent in the final?
TERRILL SAMUEL: I do, yeah. We're just happy because now a Canadian gets to win the Senior, so that's what matters.

Q. Have you faced Judith in match play at any point in your career?
TERRILL SAMUEL: Oh, yeah, I faced her just recently at the Doherty, and it was the same, it was close.

Q. In a final?
TERRILL SAMUEL: No, it was -- I forget what it was, maybe the semis, semis or quarters in the Doherty.

Q. And where is that tournament played?
TERRILL SAMUEL: It's played in Coral Ridge in Florida in January.

Q. What are your plans for tonight?
TERRILL SAMUEL: I'll probably just go out and have something to eat and relax, yeah, so should be good.

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