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September 13, 2017

Judith Kyrinis

Portland, Oregon

Q. Obviously she got off to a blazing start. She was hitting everything dead on, won three of the first four holes. How did you keep your cool through that?
JUDITH KYRINIS: Well, you know that there's lots of golf left, and I went to the bathroom, and I thought, lots of people have come back 3 down with three to play, so there's lots of golf still in front of me, so be resilient and keep battling. I've been playing well, so there's no reason that I wouldn't -- that I couldn't kind of climb my way back.

Q. 7, so you get one back on 7, and then 9, so you make the turn, you're down within one, then kind of reset your brain?
JUDITH KYRINIS: Yeah, when you get down that much and then you start crawling back and you get to like all square, 1-down, you get life, you know, so it does rejuvenate your attitude and you start walking a little more confident and you just keep battling.

Q. You have plenty of experience playing these double round days in USGA events. Throughout the years have you changed your strategy?
JUDITH KYRINIS: Well, I did ride yesterday afternoon, but today I felt good, so I just -- I kind of get out of my comfort zone when I get in a cart, so I really wanted to stay slow and kind of walk slowly, think slowly. Sometimes I get in the cart and I go too fast. Yeah, I mean, the goal was just to keep drinking and keep eating even though I didn't feel like eating, just keep eating.

Q. Obviously after you started to really get back in it, 15 looked like she hit the bad shot, you had a chance to win, she ends up getting a heck of an up-and-down. And then 16 you're both short of the green. What did you measure that putt at?
JUDITH KYRINIS: I did not measure because I was off the green. I think it was probably about 13 paces to it, so it was a good 35 feet or something like that, yeah.

Q. It looked like it had a good amount of left to right break in there?
JUDITH KYRINIS: It wasn't too bad actually. It was just trying to get it through. I knew it was fast once it got on the green, so it was just more the fact that you're kind of going up that hill, right, so you've just kind of got to give it enough and then kind of let it get down to the hole because it's actually a very speedy putt once it gets on the green.

Q. Did you consider chipping it at all?
JUDITH KYRINIS: No. I can't remember who says it, but a bad putt is way better than a bad chip.

Q. So you're back where you were three years ago.
JUDITH KYRINIS: Yeah, fun. It's hard to get here.

Q. That was a tough match, too.
JUDITH KYRINIS: Yes, it was. It went down to 18.

Q. What are your thoughts going into this again? How does it feel to be back?
JUDITH KYRINIS: It's great. I've been working hard the last couple years, in the winter getting fit, and playing against these guys all the time keeps your game real sharp and makes you hungry. Yeah, I'm very excited to get back to it, and obviously you want to finish it off right.

Q. As a finalist in this, you're now exempt into the Senior Women's Open next year, the inaugural.
JUDITH KYRINIS: Yeah, that's pretty cool. We were all trying to win the Canadian Senior in Newfoundland for that exemption, too, but that's really special.

Q. It's at Chicago Golf Club.
JUDITH KYRINIS: Looking forward to that. Not too shabby.

Q. I might be repeating, but a slow start --
JUDITH KYRINIS: Yeah, very slow. 1 was great. That was fine, but then I hit some poor iron shots into 2 and 3 and 4, so got down quick and just recognized that, you know, there's still lots of golf out in front of me. I've been playing well and struggling with some of my iron shots. I've been, as I said, driving well, putting well, so I knew I had lots of golf in front of me to try and make that up. But I mean, Tara is obviously a very accomplished golfer, former LPGA pro and LPGA caddie on her bag. So it's all right.

Q. 7, 9, 10 I think it was got you right back?
JUDITH KYRINIS: Yes, it did, yeah, for sure.

Q. For those holes, any particular sort of highlights?
JUDITH KYRINIS: Well, I think to finish off that two-putt -- I left myself -- it's such a scary pin on 7, right, to go back at that back pin. I didn't want to hit the full distance. I was trying to hit middle yardage, and I didn't quite get there, so it was a long, long putt, and to two-putt that was a big momentum shift for me I felt. And then obviously her miscue on 9 to three-putt just kind of let me back in, and off we go.

Q. Tomorrow if you're going to win this championship, what are you going to need to do well?
JUDITH KYRINIS: I think I've been -- just the same stuff I've been doing. Stick to the same game plan of driving it well, putting it well, and the goal will be to hit the irons a little bit better tomorrow, yeah.

Q. When you make the putt on 16, what's the feeling that now --
JUDITH KYRINIS: Yeah, you know, you just stay calm. I try to stay calm in ups and I try to stay calm in the downs. Just try to stay even keel, and I think I do that pretty well actually. I don't get too high and I don't get too low.

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