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September 13, 2017

Patricia Schremmer

Portland, Oregon

Q. You've made the semifinals. What's your first thoughts? How are you feeling?
PATRICIA SCHREMMER: Excited, yeah. Pretty focused. Got to think a little bit harder out there. I was hitting the ball all right. Wasn't carrying as far this morning with the air and damp, so kind of have to think things out a little bit more this afternoon and be patient with myself, not get too aggressive.

Q. Did you have to change something mid-stream? You got up to a 2-up lead and I think you won 8 and 9 to halve it and then you played much better after that.
PATRICIA SCHREMMER: No, she made -- I think she made a birdie, I think. I tried not to let that bother me. I know there's a lot of holes out here that are birdie opportunities with all the par-5s coming up, so even if it comes down to 17 and 18, you have a good shot at birdie. So did she. She has an awesome short game. Yeah, she played really well. She got unlucky on a few things, as I did. But yeah, I was a little -- trying to get it in the hole instead of just getting it close on some of those I could have halved with her instead of losing today. I'm excited about the semifinals.

Q. Does it help having to go back out and play so much, do you think that helps? You don't overthink it maybe?
PATRICIA SCHREMMER: No, I'm happy to go out and play again. Yeah, I think it helps. The more times you can get out there, you get to learn the greens, and there's so many tricky little landing areas and slopes, especially No. 3 is interesting today, that pin is in a tricky spot, sucker pin for that -- dropping down short front, which -- yeah, you've got to be careful, but they did a good job setting it up today, and No. 9 played really crazy because the wind is not as much downwind, and every day I've been in this back left corner. I think almost everyone has. It's interesting we both ended up short. She was in a bunker and I was plugged in the lip out of the bunker, so I got a drop. That was a bonus. So I won that hole and kind of got some momentum.

Q. And what happened on the 17th hole where you won the match on that one?
PATRICIA SCHREMMER: I hit -- we both hit good drives. Second shot I was out going in, which I laid up on purpose shorter than she was so I could hit first, and I like that distance. I tried to get it right to 100, so I hit a wedge into my circle, which was about 15 feet, and I think I was 11 feet, and just straight-in putt. She had the same putt, but it was about 15 feet, and I saw hers, so I got a good read off of her. She was lovely to play with. We had a really nice match. Looking forward to this afternoon.

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