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September 13, 2017

Lisa McGill

Jonah Pemberton

Portland, Oregon

Q. Did you guys get paired up randomly this week?
JONAH PEMBERTON: So I caddied for Rebecca Branson the first four days and she didn't qualify, and then she asked for a caddie on Monday, and I was free, so we got paired up on Monday and went from there.

Q. So you went cold on Monday?

Q. Can you spell your first and last name?
JONAH PEMBERTON: J-o-n-a-h P-e-m-b-e-r-t-o-n.

Q. Have you been caddying at this club for a while?

Q. Enough to know the course, though?

Q. Your first day with Ms. McGill here, how did it go? How did that relationship develop because it's clearly been a successful one to this point.
JONAH PEMBERTON: It was awesome. It was a blast. We just kind of had fun. We weren't really -- I feel like it was a lesson as we went on. We kind of had fun with it, enjoyed ourselves.

Q. What does she ask of you when you first met as a caddie?
JONAH PEMBERTON: Just help her read greens, and then as it went down to the end, it was like we were reading yardages together, picking clubs together, talking a lot more.

LISA McGILL: Jake was great. He's the caddie master. I said, do you have somebody that can read these greens, but of course Jonah did much, much more than that. We just had a great time. We're so lucky to play this venue. This is a great match play course. I mean, it's so much fun. You know, and they can move the tees around.

Q. What difference does he make in your putting?
LISA McGILL: Well, confidence. You know, we both agree on the same line. That putt, I wouldn't have made some putts if Jonah hadn't said, no, let's do this. So that was essential, because it is all about the putting here.

Q. Did you have somebody the first couple rounds --
LISA McGILL: No, I just took a cart the first four rounds, and then once I made match play, I thought, you know, now I'll get a caddie.

Q. And it certainly helped.
LISA McGILL: Oh, it was great.

JONAH PEMBERTON: It was more fun than anything.

LISA McGILL: It's a lot more fun. And I know you need to focus and I always focus on top of the shot, but there's a lot of time in between.

Q. What did you guys talk about?

Q. What do you have in common?
LISA McGILL: Golf. We talked about the state of Oregon. Yeah, it was just -- I don't know, it's easy. Nothing serious.

JONAH PEMBERTON: We just enjoyed ourselves, basic -- family, you know, how long have you lived here.

Q. How long have you lived here?
JONAH PEMBERTON: A long time, 19 years.

Q. Any other events you've caddied in?
JONAH PEMBERTON: No. I mainly caddie in our club championship here. It was my birthday. So no, this is the biggest tournament I've caddied in.

Q. What was it like? It is a national championship. There is not money at stake but there is pride and there is pressure in that way.
JONAH PEMBERTON: Yeah, but it was a lot of fun, too. She was the least nervous person I guarantee out here. We just enjoyed ourselves. It was never like, we have to do this, we have to do this. When we got beat because she got a birdie, we were just like, we made par, okay, so be it, on to the next one. There was never a time of frustration. We never were silent walking down the fairway because of something. We just proceeded on and enjoyed ourselves.

Q. Any disagreements at all on reads?
LISA McGILL: Once in a while there was indecision, which was the critical problem.

JONAH PEMBERTON: We were never opposite. There was a few times where I maybe over-read or under-read. Maybe she didn't go my line -- it was normal -- there was never anything where we just didn't agree and it was a mess.

Q. What did you do so well this week that you got as far as you did? Was there part of your game that was more consistent than any other?
LISA McGILL: I would say I drove the ball well, and my short game was good. My putting was great. I think if you ask anybody here --

JONAH PEMBERTON: That's the key.

LISA McGILL: The putting has to be on to do well here. Because as one of the members said, you have to putt up before it goes down, right? Isn't that what they do, Jonah?


LISA McGILL: There is no just straight that way.

Q. And there's no specific break, everything doesn't break towards a river or opposite, right? It's a real mix.
LISA McGILL: And they're very subtle. You do have to use your imagination.

JONAH PEMBERTON: Yeah, when you get close to the hole, you can't over-read. A lot of people over read close to the hole, and I think when she started making them yesterday, we were more going just at it and hitting them firm, and they just started rolling in.

LISA McGILL: It was so exciting.

JONAH PEMBERTON: Yesterday was a blast. She chipped in, got up-and-down out of bunkers three times in a row.

Q. Who was that match against?
LISA McGILL: That was against Cowan, Lynne. She was very nice and her husband is great. But she's a great player from California, and last time I played her, which was forever ago, I lost, so I knew she was great. She made a few mistakes, and I got --

JONAH PEMBERTON: That had to be the most demoralizing round for her.

LISA McGILL: I chipped in on 8 --

JONAH PEMBERTON: We hit it over the green, she has 15 feet and we dunk it.

Q. That's match play, though, right?
LISA McGILL: Yeah. That's why it's just so great. But there were -- it was just -- today was really great, but yesterday was so much more fun, only because there were amazing pars and birdies.

Q. What was your goal coming into this week?
LISA McGILL: I wanted to make three rounds, so I made four, so that was good.

Q. So good week overall?
LISA McGILL: Yes, yes. I love not having to qualify next year.

Q. That's a nice present that you earned.
LISA McGILL: And you know, it's an interesting aspect. Like I was very relaxed, but you do also get a little scared, sort of scared when nobody else is around here, like where did everybody go?

Q. The week changes, doesn't it.
LISA McGILL: Uh-huh.

Q. Had you been playing well this year?
LISA McGILL: Yes, I've had a great year, so I expected to do well, you know. And then having Jonah. So yeah, it's been wonderful, and I couldn't ask for any more.

Q. So you've got a friend for life here?
LISA McGILL: There you go. And I just -- you know, as I say, we're all so grateful to be here, and the USGA does -- it's the peak of -- it's just premier in golf, you know. If you like competition, this is it.

Q. Will it be strange to wake up tomorrow and not see him coming to get your bag?
LISA McGILL: It's going to be a strange experience to get up at 4:00 a.m. to go home. I'm leaving at 4:00. No, you know what, it was tremendous. It's a lot of golf. If you make the finals, it's 10 rounds of golf. I'm okay to put them down for a couple days.

Q. Are you okay to get off the grass for a little bit?
JONAH PEMBERTON: I wanted to keep going, but I'm tired. I'm tired.

LISA McGILL: I wanted to do that jet boat. I hear it's really fun.

Q. How old are you now?

Q. How many rounds do you think you've done since April here?
JONAH PEMBERTON: Probably -- I couldn't tell you.


Q. 50, 100?
JONAH PEMBERTON: Maybe 20 something. No more, probably 20.

Q. But enough to know the greens to help out a player?
JONAH PEMBERTON: Yeah, a little over 20.

LISA McGILL: Enough that he faked me out even if he didn't know.

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