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November 22, 1997

Nathalie Tauziat


Q. Nathalie, you had several break chances in that last set, do you look at the match as a case of missed opportunities or Mary just raising her level of play?

NATHALIE TAUZIAT: No, I think I missed a lot of opportunities, especially at the beginning of the third set. I don't think -- I don't play a really, really good match with my best tennis today. But I fight good and that was the most important thing. And I have a lot of opportunity with some breakpoint, I didn't make it. So that was bad luck.

Q. What was the problem, was it your ankle or your foot, what exactly was it?

NATHALIE TAUZIAT: It was just a blister.

Q. How much of an advantage do you think it is for Mary that she really hadn't played all that much, like all the rest of the girls have been playing?

NATHALIE TAUZIAT: That was true. She's fresh, she don't play since one month and a half, and I think since Fed Cup, she play maybe one or two matches, so that's good for her. Me, I'm arrived here and tired because I play a lot of tournament at the end of the year, but I don't think that's the reason, I mean of the match today. For sure in her head she's more fresh than anybody.

Q. When she serves she tends to be very methodical and play kind of a slow pace, how do you adapt or adjust to that?

NATHALIE TAUZIAT: I don't understand.

Q. She seems, between points she plays very slow?

NATHALIE TAUZIAT: Well, that's her, everybody knows she's like this. We know that, everybody knows.

Q. Nathalie, if you could create the ideal situation, how many tournaments would you play in a year, what do you think the perfect number of tournaments for a major player is in the course of 12 months, not to get over tired and rundown?

NATHALIE TAUZIAT: Well, it depends how you play, too. Every tournament you arrive in the semifinal it's tough to play a lot of tournaments. The person that loses first or second round they have time to play 20 or 25 tournaments a year. I'm on the Tour 12 years, and I play 21, 20 tournaments a year. And I'm lucky I'm never injured, and I'm fine, I still enjoy and I'm fine. I think between 18 and 20 is good.

Q. How do you see Mary against Jana or Irina?

NATHALIE TAUZIAT: It's going to be tough, because we play a long match today, physically it's tough. But she play well right now, and I think she'll have a good chance. She just have one more match to play, and I hope she's going to take the chance.

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