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September 13, 2017

Terrill Samuel

Portland, Oregon

Q. What are your first thoughts? You're into the semifinals now, keeping it going for Canada. How are you feeling?
TERRILL SAMUEL: Pretty good. Just give me a minute. Yeah, it's a thrill to be -- I just wanted to -- the quarterfinals was a thrill, and to see so many Canadians, that's -- sorry, I'm really emotional. I can't believe I made the semifinals. It's good. All good.

Q. Why do you say you can't believe it? Were you not playing your best coming into this event?
TERRILL SAMUEL: I was playing well before I came in, and when I got here in the qualifiers, the best part of my game is my irons, and they weren't going well at all, and the putting was a little bit off. That's not a strength of mine. But it's usually okay. And then I started playing better for the matches and kept it out of trouble and started hitting some good iron shots. So yeah, that helped.

Q. You just played kind of solid par golf out here on this golf course.
TERRILL SAMUEL: Yeah, that's what they say, what us Canadians are talking about, par is your friend, par is your friend. So if you can stick to that, you're going to win a lot -- you're going to be okay, right. You're not going to lose a lot of holes with pars because there's not a lot of birdies out there because the greens are pretty tough.

Q. You won three of the first four holes. How much did that help take the nerves off a little bit?
TERRILL SAMUEL: It did. Yeah, I wasn't playing well and neither was she on the first three holes, but I putted well, and I haven't been making those putts. I made probably three 10-footers to save par, and that always helps, right, so that was the difference that allowed me to get out in front and hold on.

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