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September 13, 2017

Judith Kyrinis

Portland, Oregon

Q. Back and forth and then that birdie on 15, right?
JUDITH KYRINIS: Yeah, that was a long putt.

Q. How far do you think?
JUDITH KYRINIS: I think I had about 35, 38 feet, I guess, down there. I hadn't really played that green, actually, at all in the last two days, so I really wasn't sure what I was kind of dealing with. But it looked speedy and it looked like right to left break, and I just rolled it nice and smooth because I wasn't too happy with the putt on the par-3, put it in there pretty close and kind of jabbed at it.

Q. On 16 you're just short of the green?
JUDITH KYRINIS: Just short, that's all I'm going to do on that hole is just keep it short, roll it in nice and tight and put the pressure back on her.

Q. How far was your approach on 17?
JUDITH KYRINIS: I had to the pin 105.

Q. Was that one of your better approaches today or this week?
JUDITH KYRINIS: Yeah, it was good. Under that type of pressure, that was fantastic. She obviously as you saw on the last hole made lots of nice putts, so good for her. She has an awesome short game, yeah.

Q. You've been runner-up in this event, now you're in the semis. Was that your goal coming in?
JUDITH KYRINIS: Not to be runner-up, not to be in the semis, none of those.

Q. To finish it up?

Q. What's been the strongest part of your game this week?
JUDITH KYRINIS: Driving and putting. Probably today was not my best thinking game. I think I made some mental mistakes out there, which I'm going to try and make sure I talk a little bit more, thinking out the shots a little bit better. You know, when your opponent is maybe in trouble, you've got to really make sure you put yourself in what we call the A position, and I didn't do that a couple times. A little angry, but that's okay.

Q. You're continuing the Canadian invasion of this championship right now.
JUDITH KYRINIS: Yeah, it's fun, isn't it?

Q. You know everybody I assume?
JUDITH KYRINIS: Oh, gosh, yes. We're all good friends, had a nice dinner last night.

Q. Talking about the week and the championship?
JUDITH KYRINIS: Yeah, for sure, and we're all just hoping that we all keep going and we have an all Canadian final. I'm sorry that somebody is going to lose out of us, but we hope that somebody is going to win from Canada for sure.

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