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September 12, 2017

Charley Hoffman

Carmel, Indiana

AMANDA HERRINGTON: We'd like to welcome Charley Hoffman to the Interview Room here in the BMW Championship.

Charley, 12 is the number this week. You're 12th in the FedExCup, this is your 12th time playing the BMW Championship.

Let's first start off the news last week of your exciting off week as a Captain's pick for the U.S. Presidents Cup team.

How does that feel?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Great. Obviously would like to have finished off Boston on a little better note and play my way on the team. Couple sleepless nights on Sunday and Saturday and was nice to get that phone call from Stricker and confirm that I was going to be joining the team in New Jersey at Liberty National.

AMANDA HERRINGTON: Overall a fantastic season. Very close calls. 12th, great position headed into the Tour Championship.

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Put myself in contention a lot. I played well on Sundays, just a couple guys played better than me which is -- which is not my fault.

It's great to see great golf out there and those guys win but, obviously, got two more events here left on the FedExCup and looking forward to having the opportunity to try to win that Cup.

AMANDA HERRINGTON: Before we take questions, how do you describe the state of your game after an off week?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Really good. Refreshed. Played a lot this summer. Was nice to get a week off and sort of regroup and hang out with the family a little bit. I feel great, fresh and ready for this three week stint here on the road.

AMANDA HERRINGTON: We'll take questions.

Q. Charley, I think it's just you and Phil Mickelson who have made it to this event every single year. I know you get caught up in the week to week stuff and trying to win every week that you're out here, but when you look at the totality of your career, it has to be somewhat satisfying and gratifying to know you're one of only two guys who have done that.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I think last year was the first time I sort of saw something pop-up on social media or something that I was one of three guys I think last year or something like that.

Yeah. Knock on wood. Health has been great through those 12 years. I never had any sort of injury that keeps me out more than a week or anything like that.

You know, to be -- have that longevity and then obviously be able at 40 be picked for the Presidents Cup, it's pretty cool experience to be part of that at every FedExCup so far into the 3rd week here at the BMW Championship.

It's something I'll look back and sort of like I don't compare it to Cal Ripken but being able to be there year-in and year-out -- you can't win golf tournaments unless you play them.

Definitely give myself a ton of opportunities and I've won one Playoff event and hopefully I knock off another one here in the next couple of weeks.

Q. Since you have this vast experience with this format here, how has it grown in your eyes and in personal importance to you through the years and how have you seen the event evolve?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Obviously 12 years ago or -- how many years? How long has FedExCup been going now, ten?


CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yes. It was sort of something that no one knew if it was going to work or not work. Obviously it was sort of one of those things that yeah, it's going to financially great for all the players but it's turned into great competition for the best players in the world altogether a little bit more often and it's a great event and the best players in the world want to play in it and have the opportunity to win.

Q. Charley, you have all these links to Phil between you both being Captain's picks, you're the two that have played in this event every time.
Growing up in San Diego, do you remember the first time your name was mentioned with Phil?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I don't know the first time my name was mentioned with Phil but I remember San Diego Junior Golf obviously is a big part of Phil and I's career. I remember Phil giving the speeches, I was a young kid in the room and he was the kid, maybe the high school kid that was giving the speeches because he won all the tournaments.

I remember listening and going, "Gosh, this guy is good and he's going to college to play golf." I remembered those experiences since I was -- he's what 7 years older? He was probably 14 and I was 7, 8, 9? I remember that stuff.

And that's my first memory of Phil and I -- I wouldn't say we interacted then but of knowing him and, I don't know anybody that put my name in the same light as Phil Mickelson, he's won 40-something times in Major Championships. Do both come from the same roots in San Diego.

Q. Given that beginning, is it all surreal that here you are, you're both Captain's picks and you guys are, by all means, even in that respect?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah. I mean, first of all, it's just a great honor to represent the United States in the Presidents Cup and to be with Phil, a guy that plays on a regular basis when we're home and all these guys are friends and it's going to be a great experience, camaraderie on that team is going to be second to none and be a lot of fun and obviously Phil is the guy that has never missed one and he's going to be a leader in the team room and out there on the golf course.

Q. Can you just give us your take on this course, supposed to be nice weather this week, too, so what are you expecting, I guess?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah. Played a few holes yesterday evening. The course is in perfect shape. Conditions are going to be probably pretty firm and fast. Going to be different than I would say in the past.

I don't remember this golf course being that firm. So, you're going to have to hit the fairways to be able to attack this golf course and it's going to be a great competition.

The fans here in Chicago are second to none so they're always great to play in front of and I can't wait to showcase our talents out here.

Q. Charley, there's been some pretty low scores put up here in the last couple times, including a 59.
You see any of that happening here this week?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You know what, there are holes you can birdie out here, there's no question. You got some short par-4s and par-5s you can get but 59 around this track, I don't remember what I shot but I know the 59. It was blowing 15 to 20 miles an hour that day. Wasn't like a perfectly calm day and it wasn't really soft.

That was a spectacular round Jim Furyk put together there. I don't know what he beat the field average by that day but you can rank 59s, obviously he's in his own league with the 58. You got to put that under the competition, the field, quality. It's probably one of the best 59s or the best 59 out there.

Q. Could you talk about, regardless of the stats, would you say this was your best year of playing golf or close to it? Where does it rank?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I would call it rewarding on the side of being chosen for the Presidents Cup team. Obviously I play golf tournaments to win. Your career is based off wins, Major Championships.

Now I contended in Major Championships which was nice but I haven't won yet and it's something that is something I want to do before this year's end.

It's sort of what you play for to win and hopefully I get a couple wins by the end of the year and hopefully get a win here in the FedExCup Playoffs and the team gets a win at the Presidents Cup.

Q. Would you say your game is at its best this year?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Most consistent. I don't think I've missed a cut since Hilton Head after Augusta and start off a little slow the start of the year. Coming down the stretch has been about as good as it's ever been.

Q. Also, how many FedExCup Points do you have right now?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I have like 1500-and-something, I think -- I know I went into them in like 1600 or 1400. I might be at like 1600-and-something. I don't know the exact number.

Q. I'm impressed. Thanks.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: When you've been on the bubble of watching the Presidents Cup --

Q. Charley, is it all business this week or going to take in a little of Chicago, maybe out to Wrigley Field?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It's all business this week. There's a lot going on. I'm pretty serious once I get to the golf tournament and that's what I'm here for. I don't take in too much besides dinner here and there.

Q. Being 40, are you struck at all about the youth you're chasing these days?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It's great to see their energy and their fire, it's something I use and I feed off of. It's great.

Camaraderie, I mean I've been out here 12 years now and just between the young guys and the older guys, that unity, the whole Tour in general, I wouldn't say was all there when Tiger was at the top of his game. Seemed like he was just sort of out there and he was the man and better than everything else.

Now you see Jordan, Justin hanging out and waiting for each other to win and it's pretty cool to see in the game of golf. That's really what the game of golf is all about is camaraderie and playing together and having fun. It's great to see these young kids display that.

Q. Do you prepare any differently for a course where you know the scores will be low versus a course that might play a little closer to par?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You don't prepare any different depending on the golf course. Obviously you know you'll have to be a little more aggressive and attack a little more on a golf course that has yielded low scores but you don't -- my day-in and day-out stuff won't change depending on what the winning score is.

Q. Charley, do you have any sense that the camaraderie you talked about with Jordan and Justin and these young guys is making an impact to people who maybe don't know that much about the game?
Do you have people remarking on it when you're home or do you think it could be bringing kids to the game?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: That's what I was going to respond to. I think -- kids watch us on TV and then to see, even though Jordan loses, he goes and shakes Justin's hand and says, "Congratulations" that's the way it should be done.

I think you can't -- I think it can't do anything but help the game of golf, a sport that isn't growing as much as we'd like, seeing these young guys do that is helping the game of golf. I do think people talk about it and people see it. It's definitely great.

AMANDA HERRINGTON: Any last questions for Charley? All right. Charley, thank you so much for your time and good luck this week.

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Thank you. Appreciate it, guys.

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