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August 31, 2017

Madison Keys

New York, NY, USA

M. KEYS/T. Maria

6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Not the easiest opponent to have, especially because she mixes it up with a lot of slice and topspin. What do you feel you did well today? Was it your patience?
MADISON KEYS: She's definitely a tricky player to have to play. I think she played really well today. So my patience was definitely something that came in handy. Luckily I just kind of hung in there until I could break her down.

Q. Vesnina next. You played her last year on hard courts. What are your thoughts heading into that one?
MADISON KEYS: To be honest, I found out I was playing her about 10 minutes ago, so I haven't really processed all of that. I mean, I think at this point everyone is playing well if you're in the third round. So she's going to be a tough opponent.

She's obviously had a lot of success in doubles recently. I'm sure she's really confident right now. It's going to be a tough match.

Q. There are a lot of young players doing well this week. You're still pretty young yourself. What do you make of this next generation coming up at the same time?
MADISON KEYS: I think it happens like that. I think it seems that it comes in waves. There's a lot of talent right now. I think it's exciting. It's always nice to see new, fresh faces.

Q. Talk about what Lindsay adds to your game, having a US Open champion coaching you.
MADISON KEYS: The biggest thing with Lindsay, she's always helped me in the big moments just because she's been there and she understands. So having her perspective in what she did to handle those situations has been really beneficial for me.

Q. She's one of a few female coaches. How does that add another dimension in terms of understanding pressures on and off the court and deal with injuries?
MADISON KEYS: Lindsay has been amazing. I think we are extremely close. I think it's probably the closest I've ever been with a coach. I truly love just being around her. I think that definitely helps our on-court situation.

Q. (Question regarding having two coaches and how information is disseminated.)
MADISON KEYS: They're really good at delivering the same message. It's usually they have both talked, and whoever has decided that they can voicing it clearer delivers the message. So it kind of depends on the situation, what is going on.

Q. Do you root for the other Americans?
MADISON KEYS: Yeah, for sure. I mean, we're all friends. I hope we root for each other or else we're going to have to send some text messages out later.

Q. Not so much from a technical aspect, but is there any particular thing that you can remember that Lindsay has helped you with in terms of on court, talking you through a specific thing, things she went through, either before or after a match?
MADISON KEYS: I mean, as far as on court, she's always told me to play my game and go for my shots, because that's how I'm going to win. That's been her biggest message, especially with serves. Being a big server, going for your serves, trusting it, being confident.

I think just having that mentality on the court helps me in kind of all aspects.

Q. How do you feel these first two rounds have gone for you so far, especially considering your year has been a complicated one, with the title in Stanford getting some confidence, having had a good result last year?
MADISON KEYS: I feel really good. I feel since that second surgery, I finally have had time on the court where I could practice. I felt healthy the whole time. I feel like it's finally paying off and showing. I'm really happy to get two wins at a Grand Slam. Haven't had that happen so far this year, so...

I'm really happy with how everything is going. I'm feeling great. So, you know, this is just kind of bonus right now.

Q. Being born in the States, obviously New York might not be as foreign to you as some other players. Growing up in the Midwest, do you remember your first memory of the city, movie, hearing it in a song, seeing it in a picture, wanting to visit someday?
MADISON KEYS: I want to say, like, I saw it in Uptown Girl. Random movie. Or, no, it was the movie with the mermaid named Madison, which I was named after. I always thought it was really cool there was a street in a big city that had the same name as me. So from then on, I was always, I want to go there and get a picture next to it. Luckily I haven't done that because that's really cheesy.

I've always loved the city. Growing up in such a small town, it's so different. But I love the noise, I love the atmosphere and the people and the excitement. I've always really loved coming here.

Q. Your parents were big fans of the movie Splash?
MADISON KEYS: My mom was. That's how I got my name.

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