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September 4, 2017

Dominic Thiem

New York, NY, USA


1-6, 2-6, 6-1, 7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Difficult match against a very beloved opponent. Can you talk about playing someone like DelPo. Do you think crowd noise had any factor in the match for you?
DOMINIC THIEM: Well, I mean, of course the crowd was on his side. But it was a great atmosphere. I mean, we're not playing every day in an atmosphere like this. I was enjoying it actually. I mean, the crowd was not unfair at all. So it was fine. The crowd didn't affect the result of the match.

Q. When did you sense you were trouble in this match, because the first two sets went pretty easily for you?
DOMINIC THIEM: Well, I mean, I knew that it's not going to go all the way like this because if he felt really bad, he would have retired for sure. So I knew I had to be there all the way.

I mean, I wasn't really affected by the easy first two sets. I knew that I have to maintain my level. Of course, the third set was bad. I mean, I played some really bad minutes. It was a great match I think, set four and set five. Obviously for the better end for him.

Q. Were you nervous when you served for the match and were broken after having a few match points?
DOMINIC THIEM: No, I was not nervous at all. I was nervous in the beginning, in the first game, yes. I mean, I still know the points, of course, when I served out. It was not that I would make something really different now if I would have the opportunity again.

He played some good shots. One ball was on the net cord, so it was a little bit unlucky, as well. It was not because of the nerves when I served out.

Q. Talk about DelPo's forehand. Power, flat, fast. Does it get you on the defensive?
DOMINIC THIEM: Yeah, I mean, it's no big secret that it's one of the best or maybe the best forehand in the game. Especially on little bit quicker surfaces, it's extremely tough to play.

Q. Why do you suppose people love him so much? They seem to love him everywhere.
DOMINIC THIEM: Well, for sure there were many Argentinians in the crowd, obviously. Some different reasons. Because of his success. Because he came back after really bad injuries. Yeah, he has very attractive game. No surprise that people like him.

Q. What do you think you learned from this experience today about yourself and about your opponent?
DOMINIC THIEM: Well, I mean, if I would have thought a lot about his shape in the first two sets, then I would say that maybe I shouldn't do it the next time. But I knew if he continues to play, then he has to feel better or he has to try it. Obviously set four and five, he was playing completely normal.

I don't know what to learn from this game because I think what you think is that maybe I was taking it too easy, but it was not that case.

Q. Are you frustrated by this loss? Is this a match you feel you should have won?
DOMINIC THIEM: I'm really happy about the loss. I cannot wait to play the next tournament now (smiling).

Q. Talk about the atmosphere out there. I'm sure Davis Cup is that way. Aside from Davis Cup, is that a pretty unusual atmosphere?
DOMINIC THIEM: Yeah, it was very loud. It was a great atmosphere. As I said before, obviously way more for him. But still, I mean, I like sports where there's a great atmosphere, so I enjoyed a lot to play out there today.

Q. The same atmosphere that you talked about, did you know as that noise was coming in, was it obvious to you right away that a lot of those fans were rooting for him, and did that mentally affect you at all?
DOMINIC THIEM: It didn't affect me at all. I was really pumped to play in front of a packed Grandstand. I mean, I really liked it. I enjoy more to play in a packed stadium, even if it's more for the opponent, than in front of 500 people where everybody is cheering for me.

Q. Did it appear to you right away they were cheering for him, and did you expect that?
DOMINIC THIEM: I expected it, yes, because it's everywhere like this for him. I mean, well, it was way more for him, but it was not unfair at all.

Q. What is his popularity like in the locker room? Is he well loved in the locker room?
DOMINIC THIEM: I mean, I don't really know. I think, yes. I think he never did something wrong or something bad to anybody. He's like everybody else.

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