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September 6, 2017

Kaia Kanepi

New York, NY, USA

M. KEYS/K. Kanepi

6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What do you think made the difference out there tonight?
KAIA KANEPI: I think she was just better today. She was serving really good.

Q. Did you feel like -- was it tough to get a rhythm against somebody who hits the ball about as hard as you do?
KAIA KANEPI: Yeah, she did hit quite hard, and it was tough to get into the point from her serve.

Q. Seemed like at the beginning you might have had some opportunities. How important do you feel in retrospect maybe that game was, maybe if you'd broken?
KAIA KANEPI: Yeah, maybe that would make a bit of difference, but couldn't get it, this one.

Q. I'm curious, how has this tournament -- where does it put you over the next couple of months? You yourself said you didn't see yourself necessarily coming to the quarterfinals. Where does it put you in terms of motivation, in terms of what you want to do over the next couple of months?
KAIA KANEPI: Well, I think the tournaments I planned before that, I'm still gonna play. Still going to practice and work out and try to improve every day.

I think nothing gonna change much in considering the motivation.

Q. Are you happy with how your body held up, as well, over these seven or eight matches now here? That was one of the question marks in general with you, coming back, coming back, coming back.
KAIA KANEPI: Yeah, thinking about injury, and I think it was really good. Doesn't bother me anymore.

Q. Your ranking has gone up so much higher than it was coming into this tournament. You still want to play the challengers or you're maybe looking more to 2018 to really kick-start more WTA tournaments?
KAIA KANEPI: Yeah, I think more WTA, if possible, because I think playing with really good player helps me to improve, too.

Q. Will you stay in New York for a couple more days or head home tomorrow?
KAIA KANEPI: I don't know yet (smiling).

I'll see which mood I am tomorrow.

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