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September 10, 2017

Yibing Wu

New York, NY, USA

Y. WU/A. Geller

6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations. What career goals do you have?
YIBING WU: Top 100. Yes, the first goal. Easy.

Q. What went through your mind when you missed the six match points?
YIBING WU: That was tough. My hand was shaking. Only thing I can do is try to recover after that. I think I doing well in the second service game, yeah.

Q. End of the first set until middle of the second set, I think you won six games in a row, five, and started playing aggressive. Was that your plan from the beginning?
YIBING WU: No. Actually, I a little bit tired from the doubles. Yeah. What I think is just doing my best and let's see. My opponent has really, really good serve.

So I just broke the return and try to hit more rallies.

Q. In the court positioning, were you hoping to step in all the time, always be on the baseline, put pressure on him?
YIBING WU: Yeah, yeah.

Q. When you pushed him back, what was your strategy then?
YIBING WU: I don't understand. Sorry.

Q. When you pushed him behind the baseline with your shots, what was your strategy then?
YIBING WU: I don't understand, sorry. My English is (indicating very little.)

YIBING WU: (Through translation. ) I'm trying to give him, like, pressure and try to cover with my volley, yeah. I think this is one of my best things in the game. Yeah.

Q. Where are you training? In China and out of China?
YIBING WU: China and Spain.

Q. 50/50?
YIBING WU: Yeah, depends on the tournament. Sometimes if I play Europe, I train in Spain. If I play Asia, normally is in China, yeah.

Q. Are you training in China? There are many friends, many tennis players as your age?

Q. What is next for you? Where do you travel next?
YIBING WU: I go back to China.

Q. You're going back to China?
YIBING WU: Yes, it's a challenger. I think tomorrow starts (smiling).

Q. Oh, really?

Q. Do you have a wildcard?
YIBING WU: Yeah. I play against I think second seed.

Q. What do you think this title, both singles and doubles, means to your country and especially men's side? Of course China has a lot of good female players, but maybe many people are expecting male, men good players. What do you think...
YIBING WU: Yeah, I think this is showing ourself and showing the world Chinese boys can be better and can be good and Chinese men, yeah.

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