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September 10, 2017

Andrew Ingram

Robert MacIntyre

David Boote

Los Angeles, California

THE MODERATOR: We would like to welcome the GB&I team captained by Andy Ingram to my left, further to the left David Boote, and down at the end, Robert MacIntyre. Gentlemen, that's obviously not the result you wanted, but Andy, just give you a chance to just react to what happened today when you were confident things were going to go your way but they didn't.

ANDREW INGRAM: That's golf, I guess. Look, we set out to come over here, give a hundred percent, and I said to the guys, we can leave here, look each other in the eye and say we gave a hundred percent, we respect the result, that's all I was asking. As far as I am concerned, that's what the guys did, as far as I'm concerned I'm happy.

THE MODERATOR: David and Robert, if you could just react to what happened there. I know you guys obviously are a great team and came on to a team that was playing quite well on making a lot of putts, obviously.

DAVID BOOTE: Yeah, obviously with we're disappointed with the final result, but as Andy said, like I'm incredibly proud of the guys, the way they handled themselves all week. We knew the American side was going to be really, really good, so our hat's off to them. They played incredible. I don't think many of the matches were really because we played that bad of golf, they just played really, really well. So yeah, obviously disappointment, but I think we can hold ourselves like fairly okay.

ROBERT MACINTYRE: Just the same as David and Andy. I just think it's a momentum game, the team events. So after the doubles on the first day, we kind of stalled there, but the momentum just started to switch and once you're going against the tied it's hard to get back. So just one of them things.


Q. Andy you probably know this stat, but the boys probably don't know it, or maybe not. 11 of the last 13 matches were won by home teams and I'm wondering to the players especially what advice would you give for Walker Cup players coming over here to play in the States. For you as well, Andy.
ANDY INGRAM: I think the only advice I could really give to them is that they need to get over here as often as they can and play as often as they can, because the courses are different. They're a lot longer, not as tight, but the rough is penal and the greens are incredibly quick, incredibly good and incredibly quick and so it is a different type of golf. And the only thing I could say to them is if ever you get the opportunity to come and play it, you got to do it.

DAVID BOOTE: Just say, any advice, the style of golf is totally different back home. Obviously it's large importance on driving over here, but you got to drive it well and long here and then you got to have really good ball control into the greens. And the greens are so quick and undulating and firm you've got to leave it below the hole. Back home you can sort of get away with missing greens and having fairly simple up-and-downs. So, the only advice I would say for future teams coming over is really get your driving really good before you come out and then also have really good ball control, like if you're hitting your irons nice and high and able to control the spin and stuff that's really important.

ROBERT MACINTYRE: Yeah, I would just say it's a completely different style of golf from back home. Play here whenever you can. You don't run the ball in here, it's impossible. You just got to change your style, I suppose. A lot of guys back home play a lot of links golf, you just got to -- it's almost TOUR golf, TOUR golf's not played along the ground anymore, it's get the ball airborne and yeah, so you've got to be long, straight, accurate, putt good, just do everything well over here.

Q. Maybe a suggestion, as Chairman of the Selectors, that you have a training camp for the boys. Is there an opportunity perhaps to come over and have a training camp over here?
ANDREW INGRAM: It's funny, I was asked that a bit earlier and what advice would I give back to the R & A about how we could develop the players when we come over here and that will be one thing. I would say any chance of us getting -- I know it costs money -- any chance of us getting our squad to America to let them see what it's like, come to the venue, and play some golf here and so they can get a feel of it. Because I think it is quite a shock to the system when they come and play on a course like this.

Q. For David, obviously just kind of reflect on your amateur career and I understand that you're getting on a plane here pretty soon and playing a Challenge Tour event this week, so how much are you looking forward to that?
DAVID BOOTE: Yeah, I'm turning pro my first pro event's next week in Ireland and in a Challenge Tour event. It's just been an unbelievable goal, ever since I got to college, ever since I got to Stanford, it's just been an unbelievable experience and I have so many people to thank, but this is just kind of what I wanted to do all year and to cap off lots of different team events I've managed to get into it's been really, really cool and obviously a lots of learning experiences, which I can try and take on now to the professional game. So, yeah, it's been unbelievable whirlwind and even though the result didn't go our way this week, it's I'll never forget it and it's been an amazing way to cap it all off.

Q. Robert, what about you, where do you go from here? You're not going black to Oban, are you?
ROBERT MACINTYRE: I'm going back home to the wind, rain and probably hail. I'll get to the pro seen pretty soon I think.

Q. Are you going to sign?
ROBERT MACINTYRE: I'm going to go to Q-School. I'm all set up with management in Scotland, so I'll go to Q-School as an amateur and I'm 90 percent sure after that I'll be a professional, yeah.

THE MODERATOR: All right, thank you.

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