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September 10, 2017

Doug Ghim

Collin Morikawa

Maverick McNealy

Los Angeles, California

Q. It's the first time in the history of the Walker Cup that three players on the same team went 4-0 given a little bit of love, Collin I want to start with you. You got this first match out on Saturday and you and Norman go 8-7. How important was it for you guys to go out there and play that well early on.
ROBERT MACINTYRE: I think it just gave a lot of momentum to everyone. We knew their team was really good at foursomes and it set of the pace for everyone. I think they looked at it and kind of laughed that we were done in a couple hours. But I think that just set the pace for everyone. We just wanted to finish the job.

Q. Doug, you talked to me about how you and Mav are buddies and have known each other for awhile and played a lot of golf. You got a guy, the only guy that had played on a Walker Cup before as your partner and you guys played both matches together and won both. Did you lean on him a bit, knowing that he had been out here before and he had been out there in these situations like this in Walker Cup?
ROBERT MACINTYRE: As the week went on, from a week before, just when we first got here, Mav was basically our guy that was telling us what to expect because we all have never been in this position before. And Maverick's been huge in the locker room and telling us what to expect and how to prepare for the week, because representing your country at the Walker Cup is really hard to kind of embrace that moment when you're on the first tee for the first time. But Maverick was nothing more than or nothing less than supportive, he was a great teammate and I'm just very lucky that Cap put me with him.

Q. And Mav, 4-0. Now you have some other plans ahead of you, but 4-0 here at a 1-up Walker Cup, your second one. How special has this week been?
ROBERT MACINTYRE: It's been awesome, it's not because I went 4-0, it's because our team and our captain and our country is getting that big trophy back. That was goal one, I couldn't care less what my record was this week as long as we got that cup back. And I'm just absolutely thrilled and having that monster of a trophy and everything it represents in the game of golf and amateur golf means so much to me and I know it means so much to all of us and we're all playing for our captain, playing for each other and playing for our country and that's really powerful.

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