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September 10, 2017

Scott Gregory

Los Angeles, California

Q. The Walker Cup is obviously lost for you guys, but tremendous comeback to get that half point. You have to be pretty happy about that.
SCOTT GREGORY: Yeah, I'm so competitive that I wouldn't, even if the team lost, I would still want to try and do my best.

Q. You go home with a defeat, but do you leave here now with the way you performed in these last couple holes, it leaves a good taste in your mouth?
SCOTT GREGORY: Yeah, I think so. I think that in the next couple of months I'll probably be making a switch to the pro game and things like this give you a bit of momentum. But obviously the goal at the start of the week was to win the Walker Cup and unfortunately we're not going to be able to do that. But I think on a personal note I played really well, played well against Maverick yesterday, and the same again today. Both guys are such nice people.

Q. Denied him a 4-0.

Q. Unbelievable. Never give up, right. How long was the putt on 17?
SCOTT GREGORY: 30 foot, I guess.

Q. For par?
SCOTT GREGORY: Yeah, for par.

Q. When you think, what do you guys point to what went wrong this week? Is it the fact they have the home field advantage or what?
SCOTT GREGORY: I find that -- I don't really know, it's hard to put my finger on it. I think that maybe a bit of length off the tee we have a slight disadvantage with a lot of people. I was probably 20 yards behind on average today. The setup this afternoon was definitely for a longer hitter, both par-3s are playing 290, well one was 300. And then you get on 16 they have pushed the tee up, which is nice, but most guys won't be able to carry that bunker, so I got to go right of it. If you hit 3-wood, you can't get close to the pin, so you got to hit driver and try and thread it. I think that it's just tough, they come over and we put them on a links course, so we take them out of their comfort zone, but I thoroughly enjoyed the golf course, hopefully I'm be back in 2023 and have another crack at it.

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