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September 10, 2017

Stewart Hagestad

Los Angeles, California

Q. Gratifying to finally get a point?
STEWART HAGESTAD: Yeah, it sure is. But I was kind of leaderboard watching all day and I wanted to see the guys. And Spider I think challenged all of us early in the day to, even though we had, we were in the position that we wanted to be in, he really challenged us to go out and individually try and win every match. I know a lot of the guys are playing well, hopefully Norman can close this out on 18. Scott just made an amazing putt, but I think that all the boys, from what the leaderboard said, took that challenge to heart and I think all of us are really committed to finishing out this week on a great note.

Q. How does this week compare to your dreams entering this week?
STEWART HAGESTAD: To have the final point to clinch the Walker Cup, on my home course, in front of all my friends and family, is pretty special. I think I'm going to have to take some time and sleep on this and let it marinate, but I mean, right off the bat, it's really only one week that can compare and they're so different in so many different ways. But to do it in a team setting, to do it representing the United States, to do it with my friend and family almost having somewhat of a home course disadvantage by the amount of people and expectations that I put on myself, it's just so gratifying and I'm really, really really proud of myself and I can't wait to celebrate with the guys tonight.

Q. You got another shot at Jack today. Obviously he was the one guy on their team that hadn't lost a match.
STEWART HAGESTAD: Yeah, it's really unfortunate the way it ended. From a competitor one to another that's never the way that you want it to go. My heart goes out to him and I knew that he was going to make that putt and it's weird, I almost wanted to put the pressure on myself to try to make that 3, 4-footer. But hey, he's a tremendous player, he's going to make a lot of money playing professional golf, and I can't wait to see what's in store for his future.

Q. Everyone wanted to win this, but how much did you guys want to win it for Spider and Mav, two guys who have had heartbreak two years ago?
STEWART HAGESTAD: Sure, yeah, well, yeah, Mav is a player, we kind of think of that differently. Mav's wanted to win it, not just for himself -- look he's such a competitive guy, he never really let it, he's not very outward about stuff like that, he was just kind of one of the guys, but he was definitely a playing team captain and I think all of the guys would echo the same sentiment. As far as Spider goes, to this to culminate his amateur golf career and to be able to bring back the Walker Cup for him, we had Arnold Palmer's golf bag in our team room this morning, today being his birthday, and I know that Arnold's very, very proud of his close friend and it's pretty special as I said I just can wait to celebrate.

Q. Does this give you motivation to make another team?
STEWART HAGESTAD: I don't need motivation, for better or worse, to try to make another team, but, yeah, no doubt. This is the pinnacle of amateur golf and at the end of your career everyone is going to be measured by a few things, how many USGA's you've played in, how many USGA's you've won, how many Majors you've played in, and how many Walker Cup teams you've played on. So I guess I'm, I've had a pretty special year, the last 360 days or whatever it is has been beyond my wildest dreams, but that's why you set goals, you set them high just in case you achieve them and you try and focus on the process and sometimes the putts fall.

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