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September 10, 2017

Andrew Ingram

Los Angeles, California

Q. Andy, I know the day didn't go the way you guys hoped for, but just making it on a Walker Cup team is a very special experience for these players, what will you tell them tonight as you guys get set to leave LACC?
ANDREW INGRAM: Well first, today's been an, I guess back home we call it a bit of a hedgehog day, we couldn't get going, we couldn't get anything moving forward. And it is just wonderful for these guys to play at the very top of amateur golf and it's wonderful for them, it's great for their career. They look at all the great players that have moved from amateur to the professional ranks, and I'm sure some of these guys will.

The Americans are amazing, what a team. Got to take my hat off to them, they have been superb all week. And good luck to them.

Q. It's been 10 years now since a team has won on foreign soil, the last time GB&I won in the United States was 2001. How tough is it to come across the pond and play well, considering the team has an advantage, considering being all the fans here?
ANDREW INGRAM: I think the big advantage here has been the length of the course. I think it will be a great U.S. Open course, I really do. Our guys aren't used to playing courses this long. So, I think they have learned a lot, a couple of them said to me, I need to be longer, I need to hit it longer, I'm going to work on that this winter. And if it makes them better golfers it's got to be good.

Q. Some memories you'll take from this?
ANDREW INGRAM: I have so many memories. This is such a wonderful place. I love the climate, I love the people, I love the golf course. We have had some great fun, we have worked hard, I asked the team, when I came on, for a hundred percent and they gave me a hundred percent. I can't ask for anything more.

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