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September 10, 2017

Spider Miller

Los Angeles, California

Q. Two days, but it's been a couple of years for you to prepare and get yourself ready for this moment to say the United States won the Walker Cup. How special does that feel?
SPIDER MILLER: I can't explain it and I'm sure it will settle in. However, we're going to play out all the matches and I'm pulling for our team to win every match, just as if we were down. And I'll try and hold the crowing and celebrating down until it's all over.

Q. There's been special moments in team events for a lot of years, we have seen great story lines come out of this thing, but to have Stewart Hagestad, Mid-Am champion, a guy that plays at LACC, has so many fans, parents, people out here watching, to be the guy that clinches this for your team, how cool was that to watch?
SPIDER MILLER: Yeah, it was great. Stu's match, I felt, was critical. When you send your first match out, it's all about the momentum and along with Braden Thornberry closing his man out early, provided the momentum that I was looking for and I think everything else is going pretty good, so I suppose, after it's all over, we'll have a pretty good celebration. I'm so proud of all the players, they have conducted themselves great this week, they have done everything I've asked, and I'm very proud of them all.

Q. Stewart got off to a little bit of a slow start in his singles match, a very important week for him. What did y'all say to him as the match progressed to get him back into this thing to be able to win?
SPIDER MILLER: There was no coaching on my part, quite frankly, Stu has it innately, he wants to win. And he flipped the switch on his match, he was 2-down then he won a couple quick holes and he had, I don't know how they figured their players, but his player was one of their better players. He was a tough match. For him to win like that was huge for the team.

Q. These 10 guys will be somebody you'll remember, this week will be something you'll remember for a very, very long time, I know it's something that just happened a moment ago, but would you speak about these 10 young men that you've been able to coach.
SPIDER MILLER: Well, they're fantastic young men and it will provide a memory for me to take me to the last hole. But for them, I told them, you know, this is a defining moment, there's certain things in their careers as golfers that they will remember and playing and winning the Walker Cup is one of those defining moments they will remember the rest of their lives.

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