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September 10, 2017

Maverick McNealy

Doug Ghim

Los Angeles, California

Q. Well done. Some thoughts on the match? Seemed like the turning point for you was 9 through 12 and they missed a couple short putts and then Maverick you made the long putt on No. 12. Just talk about where you thought the momentum really started to shift.
MAVERICK MCNEALY: I thought number 8 was. I think it was pivotal starting on number 8. Doug hit a great shot on 7, but number 8 we missed a pretty easy 2-putt and they made an unbelievable save from that bunker. So lost a little momentum there, but got some back with a good half on 9. And then both birdied 10. Doug hit another great shot on 11, and they missed a putt. And then on 12, Doug hit a great wedge to keep that one on the green and keep us in position on that hole. If he missed in the front bunker, it's game over. And I got pretty lucky with a putt that dropped, which was nice, and they made one on top of us, but from there on in, we were well in control of the match.

DOUG GHIM: Yeah, basically Mav made a great putt on 9. I was pretty upset with my iron shot in that bunker and I knew that that was not a good place to miss, but it is what it is and I didn't leave Maverick with much. I felt like I needed to make the putt and I tried my best to get on a good line and left him like a 10-footer for bogey and he gets up there and cans it. We were just a little fortunate that GB&I missed their putt and we took that running. And 10, 11, 12 were really good holes. Mav's putt on 12 was ridiculous. That was all the momentum we needed to carry and close out the match.

Q. Talk about the putt on 15 -- 14 or 15 -- it was 15 -- where it looked like it was going to go -- it was downhill and it just kind of ended up seven feet short. I guess it looked like it would move a lot more than it did.
MAVERICK MCNEALY: Yeah, Doug hit the smart shot, kept it to the middle of the green and, to be honest, I read the second half of the putt right, I just didn't read the first half. The first half was actually back up the hill and I played it level. And so it just didn't have enough speed when it got to the crest and it left a really challenging second putt. But that was a tough pin. If you take it right at it, it's going to bounce long and then you have a challenging putt. And if you keep it left you have a tough 2-putt. So obviously the putt -- I hit the putt again and left it short the second time. So it was just a little slower than I thought.

Q. Two convincing wins as foursomes partners, what works so well for the two of you?
DOUG GHIM: We think so similarly, we approach golf courses the same way. And so when I'm hitting the shot, basically I feel like I'm hitting the next one, because I know Maverick is going to do basically what I would want to do if I put that drive in a certain spot. And it just, it gives me a lot of confidence. I have so much confidence in Maverick that he's going to play a good well-executed shot into the green and give me a putt. And I think that's gone well. And we obviously get along very good, we're very good friends and, yeah, it's been a winning strategy so far.

MAVERICK MCNEALY: We did our homework and figuring out who was going to play which holes. I think it plays to our strength. Doug hits a lot of wedge shots, I hit a lot of short irons. And Doug had a lot of those mid to short range putts, which I think he's the best in amateur golf at. But I'm starting to think the key to alternate shot is having a good partner. He's a guy that brings me up when I need to and keeps me calm and under control when I need to and we just feed off each other that way.

Q. Disappointing Walker Cup two years ago, what's the one big difference between this year and 2015?
MAVERICK MCNEALY: I think there's two. I think one, the golf course suits our game a lot more. The home team's had a huge advantage in the Walker Cups the last 20 years. But two, I think this team is more prepared for this weekend. We were fired up and ready to go and we were all ready to play and to compete starting on Wednesday. And we were focused and really well prepared through our preparation and I think that showed through the good start to these matches.

Q. Finally, what's the difference when you have that home crowd behind you?
MAVERICK MCNEALY: It's awesome. It's so much fun. I said before, the support of the LACC membership has been absolutely phenomenal. They're not only letting us use their golf course and it's in perfect shape, but they're also coming out to support this event with everything they have. And it's made a huge difference having people five, six, seven deep in some places, it's just so much fun and it's a total adrenaline rush and confidence boost when you make a putt.

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