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September 10, 2017

Norman Xiong

Collin Morikawa

Los Angeles, California

Q. You hit that drive on 18. It was 300 plus, wasn't it?
NORMAN XIONG: No, I hit a nice little pure cut and it hit the downhill and it went, I guess.

Q. It looked like it had a little bit extra. It just exploded off the club.
NORMAN XIONG: Yeah, I guess I was feeling some adrenaline, but my goal is to try to put it down the right side for a good angle.

Q. It looked like -- I followed most of the match -- that you had some opportunities on the greens and the balls were just sliding by, did you feel you were putting well and they just weren't going in?
NORMAN XIONG: No, I wasn't putting well at all. I didn't putt too great in the afternoon yesterday, but these are tough greens, it's hard to commit to the speed when you have these greens running this fast. So hopefully figure something out in the afternoon.

Q. I assume that putt on 16 is, the way you reacted, that was something that really --
NORMAN XIONG: Yeah, I mean, I didn't make many putts, so that was definitely huge to go 1-up.

Q. Talk about how this match was so much different than yesterday and maybe you didn't have as good of stuff today, but you had to gut it out.
COLLIN MORIKAWA: Yeah, that's golf. That could have happened very easily. So we didn't come out here like it was going to be an easy match, those guys were coming for us. We kind of went back and forth with them and then got a little ahead. And they made a great birdie on 7. Connor made a great putt. So it's all about just kind of taking it, like Norman said, one hole at a time and staying patient, because you get ahead of yourself, you're going to find yourself way behind.

Q. You got in a little trouble on 12 and 14, the two of you, and then 15 you weren't able to convert the birdie. Was there any doubt in your mind at that point?
COLLIN MORIKAWA: No, not at all. Norman, I mean, we can wipe off those bad shots really quickly. So Norman hit a great drive on 16 and I hit a pretty good shot and it came down that Norman had to make a putt. And he told me when we were walking up to the green that he was going to make it and I knew that he was going to make it, because you don't know what those other guys are going to make, so we don't want to give them that chance to tie the hole.

Q. Norman, what goes through your mind when you watch Paul McBride hit a 28-footer to make par and you got to top it?
NORMAN XIONG: I mean, it's exciting. That's kind of what you're here for, you should expect those things. It kind of got me going and that's why I kind of reacted that way after I made mine.

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