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September 10, 2017

Jack Singh Brar

Scott Gregory

Los Angeles, California

Q. Nice victory coming all the way to the 18th by my count only five holes were halved today. Emotionally where does this match take you?
SCOTT GREGORY: It was tough, I think matches of this standard it's always going to be going backwards and forwards. It was good fun. We both hit good shots and luckily we came out on top.

JACK SINGH BRAR: It was a bit of a roller coaster out there. It was getting pretty tight down the end. We had a chance to win on 17, but Scott pretty much done the job on 18.

Q. You both have a lot of terrific match play experience, in your past are there things that you draw on now in these matches that you can use to your advantage?
SCOTT GREGORY: I think that you draw on the good shots that you hit under pressure, they're the one's that count and you've done it before, so you know you can do it again. So I hit a 5-iron into the last, but at the end of the day it's just a 5-iron. You just got to concentrate on hitting the shot and know that you've practiced hard enough to pull it off.

Q. Fred Couples used to say that when he had a tough shot he would always imagine the best shot he ever hit with a particular club. So you're standing over a 5-iron, are you thinking about any shots you hit in the past, or, as you said, a 5-iron is a 5-iron.
SCOTT GREGORY: I was thinking about one I hit in the practice round, I actually hit 4-iron that went to the back edge which is kind of why I hit 5. So, yeah I just hit a nice mid flight draw in there and just pictured the one I hit in practice.

Q. You make it sound so easy. Appropriate, Jack, that you might have the putter in your hand. You wield this thing like a sword. What's the secret?
JACK SINGH BRAR: Aimpoint. I started using it just March and started holing putts since then.

Q. It helps you read it?
JACK SINGH BRAR: It just simplifies everything. I get my aim point and then just hit the putt.

Q. All right, so a lot of points to overcome this afternoon, how do you do it?
SCOTT GREGORY: I think we go out and get some points on the board early, try and get a lot of GB&I scores going and put them under a bit of pressure. It's not going to be easy, but we have done it in Medinah in the Ryder Cup, so try and do it again.

Q. Do you have to play perfect golf or is it just fairways and greens and keep it simple?
JACK SINGH BRAR: I don't think you ever play perfect golf. So I think obviously best misses, getting up-and-down when you need to, hitting good drives when you need to and just holing the putts. So I mean, we just got it done really today, we didn't, we definitely didn't play perfect golf, but it was good enough.

Q. Bunker shot on 14. Could you take me through that a little bit. Obviously a key point in the match.
SCOTT GREGORY: Obviously Jack wasn't very happy to miss the shot, but we sort of got up there and it's one of those weird ones where, although it was downhill to the hole, I sort of fancied the shot. And when I got on the green it was going to be fairly straight, so I sort of only had to hit it five yards and then let it run. As soon as I hit it, I knew it was good, but to have it go in was pretty cool. I'm looking forward to seeing the highlight real.

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