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September 9, 2017

Matt Kenseth

Richmond, Virginia

Q. Matt Kenseth, the good news is you're in the Playoffs. How do you move on being in on points to getting to championship form in Miami?
MATT KENSETH: Well, you got a few rounds to get through first. You take it one race at a time, one round at a time. The first round I feel like we go to some good tracks for us. Should perform well there hopefully. Hopefully we won't have any trouble and we can get some finishes and hopefully move on to the second round.
I think it's always a little bit of a moving target. I think that first one, to get three solid runs, typically you're okay. Then after that, the way the points work, you carry them over and everything, certainly you're probably going to need wins to get to Homestead.

Q. Are you wanting to show the watching world that you still have it, whoever is looking at you for next year, look at this championship run? Does that matter to you?
MATT KENSETH: No, it really doesn't. Thanks for asking, though. But, no, that doesn't really matter to me. That's pretty far from my mind.
I've been racing for a long time. Certainly could do a lot better job controlling a lot of things. Even tonight, there was an ambulance parked in our way, but I still should have been able to somehow anticipate that better.
I was trying to get better. Not worried about next year at all. Worried about the next 10 weeks. Got a great race team, great opportunity. We haven't been able to win races yet this year, which has been disappointing.
But I really do feel even though we're coming off a DNF, we're hitting our stride. Our guys on pit road have been unbelievably good the last three weeks, probably the best three weeks probably since I've been there. The car has been faster. Jason has been doing a good job.
I feel like we're actually kind of hitting our stride. I'm excited for the next 10 weeks.

Q. Until the ambulance issue, way really saw out of the 20 what you've been hoping to show us?
MATT KENSETH: No, we didn't win. We ran similar to the spring. It was weird. We ran good the first half of the race, then got a little behind on that last restart. Kind of got in the splitter in one, got down a few spots. Once we got shuffled back, it was hard for me to make ground and go forward. Still a little bit of work to do there. Certainly was nice to have the speed, nice to be on pole, nice to lead a little bit.

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