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September 9, 2017

Joey Logano

Richmond, Virginia

THE MODERATOR: We are joined by Joey Logano, who finished second tonight, driver of the No.22 Shell‑Pennzoil Red Cross Ford. Just a little bit short out there. Why don't you talk about that.
JOEY LOGANO: Yeah, you said it, came up a little bit short overall. Yeah, it stings a little bit. Last time we were sitting hereafter a race, it was after a win, and this time it's after a second, which overall if you look at our Richmond overall for a season with the two races, you'd say, that's pretty good, a first and a second. But just overall, obviously it stings to come up one spot short and not be able to get into the playoffs. It is what it is. It's reality, and we will move on.
This is the test of our character, not only as a driver but as a team and the way we handle these next 10 races. We don't want to roll over. We want to help our teammates try to win a championship, and ultimately we want to win 10 races. That's what the goal is at this point. It may be the end of our championship run this year, but it's not the end of our season. There's still a lot of races and a lot of stats we can rack up to make up for what still hurts right now.
It is what it is. Like I said, we were close. I said before the race, second is a failure, and we finished second. Go figure. But overall, I'm proud of our race team, proud of the way we handled the pressure this week. I said before the race started that this is kind of like Homestead last year for us. It's just come a little bit early, so we knew how to handle these situations, and we executed as good as we knew how to, just wasn't fast enough to make it happen when we needed to.

Q. Would you call this a successful season if you were to go into the playoffs and win a few races and turn this season around? Would you call this a successful season in that manner?
JOEY LOGANO: I'm not in the playoffs. That was your‑‑ I'm not in the playoffs, so it's not going to‑‑ I mean, a successful season is winning the championship, and that's not going to happen this year. You know, can we win a bunch more races and call that success? Yeah, for that last 10 races, yeah, we'll be happy with that and we'll still celebrate victories, but the ultimate goal when we go down to Daytona every year for the first race is win the championship. That's all we talk about. We came up one spot short last year, and this year we came up one spot short just being in it. Yeah, it's a humbling sport. It's just how it is sometimes.
We put ourselves in this position, and we'll live with it, and we'll fight hard to come back.

Q. You're still young, but every year that goes by that you don't win a championship, does it start to eat at you a little bit because you're so competitive?
JOEY LOGANO: Well, I mean, yeah. We want to win, right? Like I said, the goal for the last nine years has been to win the championship, and we keep getting close. This year we didn't, but in the past three, four years we've been in the hunt to make it happen. You know, to me is the pressure on to win one? I'm only 27, man. I've got a long ways to go in this deal, and I like the position that I'm in. I like the race team I'm with.
You know, I think if you let your job define who you are, it would hurt a lot more, but I'm able to know that life is a lot bigger than just driving a race car, and I'm able to handle these situations a lot stronger as a man than just being a racer and that's it.

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