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September 9, 2017

Will Zalatoris

Los Angeles, California

Q. A win is good any time, but what about in front of this large gallery?
WILL ZALATORIS: It's awesome. I told Cap earlier this is what I worked three years for. So just keep on plugging, just keep on enjoying this moment and try to live it up as much as I can. So obviously really cool to get on 18, but I would have rather cross closed him out on 17 for sure, especially after that tee shot.

Q. It kind of reflected the match, it was a topsy turvy match score-wise. Were you able to stay even keel or was it a bit of an emotional roller coaster?
WILL ZALATORIS: I try to stay even keel as much as I can, but it's a battle for sure. Even like that putt on 18 I'm expecting him to make that and expecting -- he had a huge following and I'm expecting their crowd to go crazy -- so I'm already preparing for that 8-footer like I have to make it. Even when his putt rolled by, I'm still preparing for it, until his hat went off. That kind of tells you my attitude the entire day is, even if I'm out of it, I'm still fighting. And even like on 15, I don't want to say I expected him to knock it on to the green about 10 feet from, I don't know, 260 or whatever he was from 11 green to 16 green, but you just have to expect it and don't be surprised. It's the surprise element that's something that's pretty hard to recover from.

Q. You had a loss this morning, any extra added motivation this afternoon?
WILL ZALATORIS: Yeah, I wanted a point. I'm not thinking any farther than tomorrow morning. If Cap picks me, great. If not, I'm going to be rooting on our team. I know he's going to pick the best four teams he can. So I'm always up for these guys. Every half point matters in this game.

Q. The up-and-down on 15, just what did you think of that hole being the shortest hole in the championship?
WILL ZALATORIS: It's cool. It's honestly the coolest hole I've ever played. I know there's going to be some of the guys that aren't going to like it. But especially in match play it's so awesome. I think I shot 78 to the flag and I was trying to play it 90, because I'm trying to throw it all the way up on the hill and rip it back. So I thought it was a really cool hole. I'm actually angry I hit that bad of a shot, because it would have been really cool to run one down the hill.

Q. What was going through your mind on the second shot?
WILL ZALATORIS: Well, I had a horrendous -- it was a really tight lie, back into the grain and if I duff it, I'm going to have 40 feet for par, and if I skull it, I'm going to, I'm making five. So I knew that I just had to hit a perfect chip and I just hit the perfect chip and had a really tough 6-footer to make and I got it.

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