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September 2, 2017

Stacy Lewis

Portland, Oregon

Q. (Regarding Golf Channel's par-3 challenge.) Not much money but it's the thought that counts. We're going to present her with a big Happy Gilmore check. Speaking of checks, your whole check will go to the Harvey Relief Fund. Do you think that has changed the way your approaching this week out on the course?
STACY LEWIS: Definitely. I've been motivated for one, but I've just been extremely calm. Anybody who has seen me play knows that's not normally me. There has just been a calmness about me this week. I haven't worried about anything and just played really solid.

I missed some putts out there, missed some shots, but still had it up. (Wind interference.)

Q. Has playing for something bigger been different for you this week?
STACY LEWIS: Just being more appreciative. You think you got it pretty tough, but there are people down there that have it way harder than we do out here. Definitely puts things in perspective.

Q. Mindset starting tomorrow? (Indiscernible.)
STACY LEWIS: Not necessarily. I just think it's sticking to what I've been doing. Travis and I know this golf course so well and we have really, really good game plan. We just have to stick to it regardless of what anybody else does.

There are par-5s you can make eagles and birdies on, and just keep that in the back of my mind and not try to force things.

Q. Tee to green strategy, that won't change tomorrow unless the weather changing drastically?
STACY LEWIS: Absolutely not. Couple holes played different today just because (indiscernible) par-5s. Couple holes you hit 4, 5-iron off the tee, get the wedge in there, and (indiscernible). You have to pick and choose on this golf course.

(Plane interference. )

Q. Did you look at the leaderboard today?
STACY LEWIS: I didn't watch it all today. I really had no clue where I stood.

Q. It's been a while. You've had some runner ups, and been a while since you padded a lead maybe; 2014 was your last win. Speak a little bit about that.
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, definitely. I know it's been a while since I won. Everybody talks about it. I really feel like the last few months I've been playing some good golf. I've just needed a couple good breaks here and there having good numbers into holes.

There were a couple holes out there today I just had perfect numbers into and you can just fire at the flag. You need these little things to go your way.

But it's been close. I've been playing better. Just the scores haven't shown it always. That's why I was excited about playing here.

Q. Seemed like with the weather really heating up here, course getting firm, 17-under didn't seem like a good score. (Plane interference.)
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, the good thing about being firmer is you have shorter clubs into the green. There is a difference going into the hole just visually hitting a 9-iron versus even a 6 or 7.

Kind of changes that mentality. I think, again, I know where the golf ball is going right now. When you can just step up and swing at a flag, I mean, you're able to free things up and just go play.

Q. You were second here a year ago.

Q. So you obviously have some good feelings about this place.

Q. Did you think about last year at all and you could carry it over to here?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I mean, this is one of my favorite golf courses we actually play all year. You have to hit shots. You have to hit a little fade or a little draw. Yu can't just get up there and bomb it.

I played well in the past. My caddie has been here way more times than anybody probably in this field, and so I just think we have an advantage as far as knowing the golf course.

Always playing well on a golf course always helps you, too. Just good memories and just hitting good shots.

Q. You mentioned yesterday this would mean something close to a major. Is that feeling still kind of enhanced now?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah. You know, you try to not think about the finish line and what could happen tomorrow, but it would definitely be up there with a major.

It would be probably one of my most special wins, just to be able to do this for the people in Texas and to do it too when everybody is watching. I kind of put all the eyeballs on me and put some pressure on myself, so it's nice to kind of see myself performing, too.

Q. In a way was 17 maybe your most important hole today because you bogeyed 16 it was getting maybe a little closer?
STACY LEWIS: It was. Yeah, I did see I think on 15 I saw a leaderboard. I think he was up three or four shots there, so I knew I had a lead.

I was a little mad about the club selection. Looking back I should have hit a different club on 16.

So, yeah, just to birdie one of the last two, I mean, they're not gimme birdies by any means, so to end on a good note is always a good thing.

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