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September 2, 2017

Justin Rose

Boston, Massachusetts

Q. Great round of golf today. A couple of bad numbers yesterday a triple and a double; how proud were you with your response both times to those situations?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, this golf course, I've had my up-and-downs for sure. That was kind of a typical round. Really good start, actually, because it was playing quite tough yesterday.

I felt like I had done some of the hard work the first four holes with the triple. Definitely a setback but always nice to respond with a few birdies afterwards. Keeps you moving forward.

Q. Today's round, the back nine, home in 30, what fell in place for you?
JUSTIN ROSE: Last week I saw some signs. I hit the ball really well last week, especially my iron play. Today made a few putts, which was nice, some of the mid-range putts, obviously feel like which I have birdies. You don't feel like you have to stiff it every hole to make a birdie. That was nice.

Q. So far today, you're ranked No. 1 in driving. So do you feel like that's an area of your game -- it's always been one of your strengths. Do you feel like when that clicks for you, it seeps into the rest of your game?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, for sure. I feel like I'm a good iron player. I feel like this year my iron play hasn't been where I wanted it to be and last week I switched to some softer shafts in my irons. Really paid off last week.

This week, I haven't hit my irons quite as good yet but I'm definitely gaining some confidence.

Q. Talking about your back nine today, things just seemed to click for you.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, absolutely. That was nice. Mat much was happening. Yesterday was kind of an interesting round. I had a double and a triple and for the most part fell back pretty well from those. I felt like it was a morning to play good golf and didn't really turn in anything special. Got it back to 1-under and even, and then it was nice to get something going.

A couple iron shots went close. Holed them out great, bunker shot on No. 12 and made a couple longer putts which is great.

Q. 5-under your final seven holes, is that a momentum thing for you?
JUSTIN ROSE: I knew I had to make something happen today a little bit. I've got to make something today to not be on the double in Chicago. I'm 24 and would like to make some big inroads on that this week and going to Chicago with no pressure on me and just really looking to win it to kind of get into the top five. That would be the ideal mind-set. So today's round was kind of -- did give me that opportunity for the last couple of days.

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