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September 1, 2017

Stacy Lewis

Portland, Oregon

Q. 8-under par. What was the difference today compared to yesterday?
STACY LEWIS: I think, one, the golf course was softer this morning; the greens rolled a lot better; and then my swing felt a lot better.

Kind of found something after the round yesterday; obviously felt a lot better out there. Felt like really any hole I could make birdie on.

Q. One of your best rounds of the year.

Q. Anything specific that was memorable about the round?
STACY LEWIS: No. It was probably one of the easiest rounds of the year, to be honest. Kind of had a lot of rounds where I was having to fight through it. It was one that I just felt like I could make a lot of birdies. Haven't felt that way in a while, so it was really nice.

I was hitting the ball good last week, so I was excited about coming here where I have played well before and you have to it hit it good, you have to hit it straight.

Just kind of had good memories and good momentum coming into the week.

Q. You've got a couple runner-up finishes here. Do you fell like this is a place that really suits your game?
STACY LEWIS: I do. I think you have to hit it straight. This golf course gets really hard when it gets firm. It's going to get really hot this weekend so this golf course is going to continue to get harder.

That's usually when I play my best golf. My caddie, Travis, has been here so many years. He's got a good feel for the golf course. I think we're both just really comfortable here.

Q. What would a win this week mean for you, especially with you donating your winnings?
STACY LEWIS: It would honestly probably be one of the most special. It would probably be up there with a major. That was the goal to start the week, was to take a big check home.

You know, that's still the goal. Now I'm in a good spot to do that.

Q. Do you think it's maybe different kind of playing for maybe a bigger purpose this week?
STACY LEWIS: For sure. I think just you have a lot of good positive momentum on your side, a lot of people cheering for you, a lot of people encouraging just because they want to see you do well because they want to see that big check go to Houston. The response has just been really cool and had girls saying they're going and buying shoes for me this afternoon.

Hopefully we'll take a bunch of shoes home and take a big check home, too.

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